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We have 850 reviews around the web with 4.8 stars average!


Fantastic service in a gorgeous new office. Staff is so courteous and professional. They even helped calm down my baby as she got antsy at the end of my cleaning.


Walking into Dr. Brayman’s office feels like entering a calming medispa as opposed to a cold uninviting dentist’s office.


I started going to Dr. Brayman several years ago, and I always feel confident that she uses the best practices and equipment in caring for my teeth.


Dr. Brayman is a true professional and a very nice human being. She is skilled in the art of dentistry. I recommend Dr. Brayman with no hesitation.

Cecilio Davis Avatar

Dr.Brayman , Tanya, and staff are so professional. Dr. Brayman is so talented in her craft. She makes you feel so comfortable and makes your dental work easy and smooth even with complicated issues.

Cecilio Davis 3/06/2020
Graham Turner Avatar

always a pleasure. which is something one doesn't usually associate with a visit to the dentists.

Graham Turner 3/06/2020
Vincent Vuong Avatar

Great experience. Super friendly staff! Staff didn't recommend products that I didn't need and educated me about oral hygiene!~

Vincent Vuong 2/26/2020
Henry Campbell Avatar

Exceptional professional environment. Very comfortable doing business with them. Analysts on dental treatment is through and would recommend them friends or family.

Henry Campbell 2/26/2020
Ct Avatar

The best dental visit I’ve had in years! A colleague recommended Dr. Brayman and I was able to get an appointment for a cleaning very quickly. The practice is extremely responsive by email and answered all of my questions promptly. They sent me all of the new patient paperwork electronically so I was able to complete it ahead of time.

Everyone was friendly upon my arrival. The office is clean and welcoming.

My cleaning was thorough, but gentle. Dr. Brayman listened to each of my concerns and discussed next steps for each. I never felt judged as I discussed my bad habits. Best of all- no upcharging- no encouraging you to get things you don’t need! My last dentist told me I would need a couple fillings, but Dr. Brayman assured me I didn’t have any cavities and that my fillings were still in great shape! She also made recommendations that fit my budget and helped me to prioritize and plan my dental needs.

I have found my forever dentist!

Ct 2/18/2020
Ken Zachmann Avatar

I’ve gone to Dr. Brayman for several years and she’s a very talented and skilled cosmetic dentist with an artistic eye. She’s also the only dentist I’ve known who spends time with her clients and patients to help them feel more comfortable and get to know them. The office is beautiful with state-of-the-art equipment and a very kind and professional team.

Ken Zachmann 2/12/2020
Stephen R. Ferguson Avatar

I Love My dentist!!!! They are hands down the best in NYC

Stephen R. Ferguson 2/11/2020
Ilya L Avatar

Great dentist, no wait, excellent service and facilities. 5 stars all around.

Ilya L 2/11/2020
Frank Avatar

I went for a deep cleaning, and the dentist, or hygienist, who worked on me was very nice, easy with her hands and made the experience extremely pleasant (I had needles in my mouth too, and still no pain). Would recommend to anyone.

Frank 2/07/2020
Sean L. Avatar

Dr. Brayman is wonderful. She is professional and very easy to talk to at the same time. Her staff is equally experienced, thorough and friendly. Happy to have found a dentist in a great location that I can trust and look forward to visiting.

Sean L. 1/17/2020
Taylor G. Avatar

3 star rating The front office was not able to coordinate with my other medical providers. They ignored requests for records and didn't tell me they were ignoring them, believing them to be illegitimate. If I had not inquired on behalf of my doctor, they would have never received those records.Months after I stopped seeing this dentist I received a notice for old services I had received, on an insurance plan that I no longer carry. Because the insurance plan was no longer active during the "new" dates my insurance was claiming I still owed thousands of dollars. The dates were for December for a visit made in April. A note from the office would have been nice.

Taylor G. 12/26/2019
Velvet-Nicole Brown Avatar

Great Team of People to Work With!!!

Velvet-Nicole Brown 12/11/2019
Susan Bowen Avatar

Great dentist and staff. I was seen right away, and had a pain free experience and a pleasant chat. I definitely recommend Dr. Brayman.

Susan Bowen 12/11/2019
Diana Shlapunova Avatar

Had my wisdom teeth extracted at the office today. I was anxious and petrified of the procedure. The dr relived my anxiety Made me comfortable and pain free. Minimal discomfort post procedure and no swelling at all. Highly recommend this office. Thank you for taking such good care of me.

Diana Shlapunova 12/11/2019
Koi Lavender Lotus Avatar

Dr. Brayman is an awesome dentist! I only like going to the dentist because of her office and her great staff. She has done great work on my teeth and has aided my oral hygiene greatly. I have referred my co workers and friends to her office and they love it there, too. Thank you, Dr. Brayman & staff! See you all next year!

Koi Lavender Lotus 11/19/2019
Zocdoc user Avatar

Loved the staff!

Zocdoc user 11/14/2019
Rich Suschinsky Avatar

The staff was outstanding. From the front desk, to the dental assistant to the Dr herself everyone was extremely helpful, very friendly. What I appreciated most about my visit was that I never felt like I just one in a long line of patients. Everyone took time to explain what was happening, what the problem was and several possible solutions. Tara at the front desk was awesome helping with my insurance, booking all appointments and understanding when the trains were late. Everything about this experince was a positive. Highly recommend Dr Brayman and her staff.

Rich Suschinsky 11/01/2019
Kate F. Avatar

Great office, super clean (which I loved). Smart nice and professional dr and hygienist. Lady at the front desk was so nice and organised!

Kate F. 11/01/2019
Neal Kostovetsky Avatar

Best dental experience. Dr brayman and staff where awesome .wonderful zen ambiance highly recommend

Neal Kostovetsky 10/11/2019
Judith Wallen Avatar

I have been going to Kate and her team for over 7 years. I have a fear of dentists, but I'm welcomed upon entering the door and every part of the process cleaning, exam is very personal and extremely professional..... luv them ALL

Judith Wallen 10/11/2019
Zocdoc user Avatar

My visit was wonderful! Everyone was very welcoming and I didn't have to wait long to be seen. All the nurses, hygienist and Dr. Brayman were kind, knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Zocdoc user 10/03/2019
Hannaha N. Avatar

Best dental experience. Everyone is thorough, very pleasant/tender, and helpful. Transferring my entire family to this office.

Hannaha N. 9/17/2019
Richie Rainero Avatar

Best dentist, office staff & office in nyc

Richie Rainero 9/11/2019
Tammy P. Avatar

The office is beautiful, the staff members are warm, and Dr. Kate was wonderful. I'd recommend her to anyone. It was also super easy to schedule my follow-up appointment.

Tammy P. 8/30/2019
Ina Wanca Avatar

So amazing dentist! I felt I am in a yoga studio and it took literally less than 20 min for cleaning and consultation. The dentist is expert, she knows exactly what the problems of your mouth might be and she is not wasting time. She does not try to collect money! She is efficient, so nice and so professional! I highly recommend her—you get care, efficiency and the best service with no wasting of time and money!

Ina Wanca 8/11/2019
Gabrielle Valentini Avatar

Highly recommend! Dr. Kate is friendly and efficient. The staff is lovely and so is the office space.

Gabrielle Valentini 8/11/2019
Gabrielle V. Avatar

Highly recommend! Dr. Kate is friendly and efficient. The staff is lovely and so is the office space.

Gabrielle V. 8/06/2019
Healthgrades User Avatar

She was informative, considerate, and kind. I felt like she was very concerned with making sure I was taken care of as best as possible. She really cares about her patients and wants to help! The dental hygienist, Tonya, is the first person I’ve had clean my teeth that didn’t cause me any pain. I had so much anxiety going into this appointment but ended up feeling very at ease. I’m so happy I found them both!

Healthgrades User 7/23/2019
Reggie Wes Avatar

I simply love Kate and the entire team. Very welcoming and made me feel extremely comfortable. She’s my dentist for life😊

Reggie Wes 7/11/2019
Gamal O. Avatar

Dr. Kate's office is very neat. She's not only a doctor, but she is also a great artist. I'm an architect and you can count on me when I say that! Everyone had a smile all the time. And explained everything in details when they tried to help.

Gamal O. 7/02/2019
Ethel Burgess Avatar

I'm sad to leave New York on many levels but didn't think that dentistry would make the list! Enjoyed is maybe a stretch but I really appreciated the calm, consistent and open way that I was treated as a patient of Doctor Lee . I always felt that I knew what was on the table and the actual procedures we as painless as dentally possible. He is very approachable and keeps you abreast of the procedure and if that wasn't good enough, I could always watch monkeys in India (or anything else) on the Netflix (and chill, this definitely won't hurt) that they have available.

Ethel Burgess 6/11/2019
Nisa Donath Avatar

Dr. Brayman is great dentist. I highly recommend her and staff to take care of you & your teeth. I had bone grafting, veneers, bonding etc my teeth are looking amazing. Thank you Dr Brayman n Staff I highly recommended the doctor! I have great CHOPPER! State of art equipments at the office too!

Nisa Donath 5/11/2019
Michelle R. Avatar

From the front desk receptionists to the hygienist to Dr Kate, everyone was warm and welcoming. Very quick and efficient routine cleaning!

Michelle R. 4/04/2019
Zocdoc user Avatar

Prompt, friendly, and most importantly gets the job done. She doesn't dawdle when there's something that needs looked at. I've already recommended her to one of my coworkers.

Zocdoc user 3/11/2019
Zocdoc user Avatar

Kate seemed in such a haste that I felt little awkward keep asking questions when she wanted to leave. Also the receptionist was really rude both on the phone and in person.

Zocdoc user 3/11/2019
Zocdoc user Avatar

She did a great job. I'm really nervous about my teeth, but Dr. Brayman was quick and to the point and very professional. My fillings look and feel great.

Zocdoc user 3/11/2019
Zocdoc user Avatar

Great bedside manner, efficient, and friendly. Would recommend to anyone.

Zocdoc user 3/11/2019
Jordan W. Avatar

The visit was very easygoing. I received specific information about treatment and diagnosis, and everything was explained to me in detail.

Jordan W. 3/11/2019
Scott R. Avatar

Dr. Brayman (and staff) was extremely professional, accommodating and friendly. Her state of the art technology, combined with her clarity and pleasant demeanor, allowed me to not only hear what she was saying, but also see and understand her recommendations. I would highly recommend her!

Scott R. 3/11/2019
Janice U. Avatar

Lovely dentist to deal with. I have lots of confidence in her.

Janice U. 3/11/2019
Gabrielle G. Avatar

Dr. Kate Brayman is quick yet incredibly thorough. She knows what she is doing, has honesty, and finds exactly what is perfect for your needs. Great and beautiful location. Extremely accommodating. Best dentist in NYC.

Gabrielle G. 3/11/2019
Ashley D. Avatar

Everyone dreads the dentist, but this visit was so pleasant. The receptionist handled my insurance ahead of time over the phone, my appointment was right on time, and everyone was so friendly. The office offered an unusually welcoming atmosphere as well. Thanks so much!

Ashley D. 3/11/2019
Linslee Peel Avatar

I never liked the dentist until I started seeing Dr. Kate Brayman 9 years ago. She is exquisite in every way! I have had a real journey with my teeth, and my experience here has been nothing but exceptional. My friends see her now, and have the exact same opinion.

Linslee Peel 3/11/2019
Seo Taiji Avatar

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Clean and professional. Be a good consumer and always get a second opinion on expensive procedures.

Seo Taiji 3/11/2019
Christine Picault Avatar

The office was beautiful and Dr. Brayman and the Dental Hygenist, Tanya, were extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend!!!

Christine Picault 3/11/2019
Sean Pardo Avatar

The staff at the office are kind, efficient, and knowledgeable. The sitting area is delightful and the wait was short. My cleaning went incredibly smooth and my 4 fillings just as well. A combination of fantastic service with talented and warm people. Not sure if I will go to another dentist again.

Sean Pardo 3/11/2019
Bloom Eller Avatar

Gifted doctor. Knows what she is doing. Definitely #1 in NYC

Bloom Eller 3/11/2019
Coral Sederholm Avatar

I've been going here for years. It's always clean, professional, and on time. Would highly recommend.

Coral Sederholm 3/11/2019
raldiris hidalgo Avatar

Usually when you walk into a dental office you are nervous and ready to walk out! I felt relax and enjoyed my visit.

raldiris hidalgo 3/11/2019
Gabriella Newrock Avatar

Best dental office. I am terrified of dental work and everyone in the office always puts me at ease. They are gentle and do great work. Office is very modern and clean. Highly recommend.

Gabriella Newrock 3/11/2019
evin lawing Avatar

It is so hard to find a good dentist in NYC. Kate and her staff are always so friendly and welcoming. They also understand busy schedules and go above and beyond to accommodate them.

evin lawing 3/11/2019
erry ong Avatar

First time went to office of Dr Kate ..for free consultation and advise for my dental cosmetic that I have nightmare of . She gave me very honest advise and explain to me . I will follow up with you. Thank you Dr Kate .

erry ong 3/11/2019
Daniella Lopez Avatar

I've been seeing DR.Brayman for at least 3 years now, and always feel happy to leave with healthier looking teeth. You guys are the best!!!!

Daniella Lopez 3/11/2019
Philip Had Avatar

Excellent, professional and helpful staff.

Philip Had 3/11/2019
Cassandra Bullock Avatar

I waited to write a review because Dr. Brayman's office and staff were just too perfect. I had bad dental experiences and I'm just a thankful woman today because i stumbled upon Dr. Brayman and her staff on Google and they are doing a fantastic job with my teeth. I believe she saved my life today. Very gentle, caring dentist and I love the facility. Don't hesitate to book your appointment. Especially for holistic care.

Cassandra Bullock 3/11/2019
Jim Ford Avatar

Just finished first stage of dental surgery for insertion and implants. The care, attention, support, and professionalism at Kate Brayman's office are incredible. Everyone was great. Especially (yesterday) the surgeon. I highly recommend Dr.Brayman.

Jim Ford 3/11/2019
Zocdoc user Avatar

She is fabulous, friendly, professional. I think she' a great dentist, though she's a bit pricey. I am okay with paying it- it is higher end prices though.

Zocdoc user 3/11/2019
Zocdoc user Avatar

Dr. Brayman is very friendly. All the staff is very friendly. Interestingly they are all women working there. The office is really new and has a calming atmosphere. Dr Brayman has an insistent manner but also a kind smile. The hygenist is gentle and efficient. I've been back at least three times in the last year.

Zocdoc user 3/11/2019
Kathryn B. Avatar

I think Dr. Brayman and her whole staff are fabulous. Not only do they provide excellent dental care, I feel like they care about me as a patient and as a customer. They are honest and up-front about what I owe or what I might owe if I elect a procedure or product, and they are very well-versed in the intricacies (and nightmares) of insurance policies.

Kathryn B. 3/11/2019
Zocdoc user Avatar

Highly professional.

Zocdoc user 3/11/2019
Zocdoc user Avatar

Professional, punctual, precise.

Zocdoc user 3/11/2019
Evelyn M. Avatar

She is amazing!!! Highly recommend.

Evelyn M. 3/11/2019
Zocdoc user Avatar

Overall, a great appointment. This was probably the fastest dental cleaning I've ever had - though I did not feel like she was any less thorough than other docs. The office was clean, the equipment was new, and the Dr. Brayman, her technician, and office staff were extremely friendly. Would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a new dentist.

Zocdoc user 3/11/2019
Zocdoc user Avatar

I was recommended by a coworker who has been going to this practice for two years. I am slightly dental phobic and was a little apprehensive switching to a new dentist. I am so glad I did!
Dr. Brayman is a terrific dentist and she is supported by a great team as well. From front office, to hygienist, to Dr. Kate herself, the entire staff is perhaps the best dental team I've ever encountered anywhere. Dr. Brayman is a clear and sincere communicator and her warm holistic approach makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

Zocdoc user 3/11/2019
Zocdoc user Avatar

The staff was very friendly and efficient. However, Dr. Brayman was not very friendly and didn't explain at all what she was doing or let me know what follow-up procedures I needed done. She just left after the cleaning which was not gentle, and I had to ask the woman at front desk booking my next appointment about my next procedures. I then saw her just sitting at her computer inches away online shopping ignoring all the questions I was asking.

Zocdoc user 3/11/2019
Zocdoc user Avatar

I have had good experiences since I first started seeing Dr. Brayman a couple of years ago.

Zocdoc user 3/11/2019
Zocdoc user Avatar

Very nice doctor and I have never had to wait. Highly appreciated.

Zocdoc user 3/11/2019
Zocdoc user Avatar

I've had multiple appointments with Dr. Brayman and will definitely keep going back because she is so thorough, professional, and efficient. I always get seen right on time and cleanings are fast and painless. The hygienists and receptionist are also friendly and easy to work with.

Zocdoc user 3/11/2019
Zocdoc user Avatar

My appointment with Dr. Brayman was definitely the best dentist experience I've ever had. Their office is very efficient in terms of scheduling and sending reminders, and the receptionist is kind, professional, and helpful. They respond to emails unlike many doctors so that's really nice. There was no wait time before my appointment. Dr. Brayman is great about answering questions and explaining things, which is awesome because a lot of other dentists don't bother. All the work she did for me was quick and painless. It seems like everybody at this office really goes above and beyond to make patients feel comfortable. I will definitely come back here for future dental work.

Zocdoc user 3/11/2019
Dan F. Avatar

Dr. Brayman is top-notch. She was able to remove and fill a deep cavity without exposing the nerve (i.e. prevented the need for root canal) -- saved me AND my wallet from hurting!

Dan F. 3/11/2019
Todd D. Avatar

Great staff. Great Dentist. Highly recommended.

Todd D. 3/11/2019
Zocdoc user Avatar

Courteous and attentive staff. Dr. Brayman was very professional and displayed exceptional 'bed-side' manner skills. Very beautiful, too. Most attractive DDS I've ever seen.

Zocdoc user 3/11/2019
Zocdoc user Avatar

I had a very good visit. I hadn't been to the dentist in over 2 years, but the staff made me feel very comfortable.

Zocdoc user 3/11/2019
Victoria S. Avatar

She's wonderful! And the office is so high tech. Great experience for years now.

Victoria S. 3/11/2019
Sean L. Avatar

Just fantastic. Painless, thorough and fast. I highly recommend Dr. Brayman.

Sean L. 3/11/2019
Zocdoc user Avatar

She did the cleaning herself (maybe b/c it was my 1st) and was incredibly fast and efficient.

Zocdoc user 3/11/2019
Zocdoc user Avatar

Very professional and friendly

Zocdoc user 3/11/2019
Zocdoc user Avatar

I had to wait more than 30 minutes in the office. The cleaning was fine, they took many more photographs than I've had taken before. She also had me schedule a deep cleaning, but there wasn't a lot of discussion on why that was needed. It is a very expensive procedure. I'm seeing another Denist for a consult about it.

Zocdoc user 3/11/2019
Laura B. Avatar

I've been to see Dr. Brayman twice now, and both visits were relatively pleasant. They have a really cool x-ray system where your x-rays pop up digitally on a monitor in front of you right after they take them, so that's always cool. My last appt literally took 20 mins from start to finish. They are very efficient, but that efficiency comes at the price of them not always being as gentle as possible.

Laura B. 3/11/2019
Zocdoc user Avatar

They took me right away and no wait time in the room. I did have to fill out a bunch of paperwork when I got there, which was a little frustrating. Typically, this can all be done electronically through ZocDoc but other than that everything was great. Have already recommended Kate to a number of my friends and will definitely be back.

Zocdoc user 3/11/2019
Eleanor L. Avatar

Dr. Brayman is direct and to-the-point. She won't belabor your diagnosis and she won't try and chat with you when your mouth is pried open, which is a great trait in my opinion. She also got a really great oral surgeon to do my wisdom teeth extractions. She understood perfectly how my insurance worked as well. She knew how to space out treatments and prioritize them so I'd get the most important work done first without getting overcharged.

Eleanor L. 3/11/2019
Zocdoc user Avatar

Awesome experience! The staff was very friendly and helpful. The teeth cleaning was ENJOYABLE (weird..right?) and Dr. Brayman was extremely personable and knowledgable. Overall it was a great experience and I'm happy to have found a new dentist in the city!

Zocdoc user 3/11/2019
Zocdoc user Avatar

She's awesome. Very thorough, relaxed, and professional. I'll always see her from now on.

Zocdoc user 3/11/2019
Zocdoc user Avatar

Dr. Brayman is very nice, office is clean and fancy, waiting room has Netflix. What more could you want?

Zocdoc user 3/11/2019
Deidra B. Avatar

5 star rating I can't say enough about how amazing Dr. Brayman is. I literally have no fear of going to the dentist any more. She's the most experienced dentist I've ever met. I won't let anyone but Dr. Brayman come near my teeth!

Deidra B. 2/08/2019
Adam W. Avatar

5 star rating Simply awesome. I've been a satisfied patient for years but most recently, even more so when I broke a back tooth requiring gum lengthening and a crown. Dr. Brayman is incredibly skilled but also kind, concerned and caring. The staff, especially Tanya, are amazing, professional and friendly. I recommend with total satisfaction and highest regard.

Adam W. 1/29/2019
Alec R. Avatar

Very quick, worked out great

Alec R. 1/11/2019
Shannon M. Avatar

Wonderful visit! I'm terrified of the dentist, but this office was so nice and calming. I was seen quickly, well taken care of, and the music throughout and beautiful decor made it seem like a spa!

Shannon M. 1/11/2019
Alicia G. Avatar

What a professional and amazing crew at the Kate Brayman office. I've finally found a dentist I trust and I know does her absolute best. I couldn't recommend her more!

Alicia G. 12/16/2018
Jenny A. Avatar

Dr. Brayman is great and so is her office staff! Super friendly, helpful and great service all around! I felt confident I was in great hands!

Jenny A. 9/10/2018
Zara H. Avatar

Really happy with my visit to have teeth cleaned. Picked a place quite randomly and was pleasantly surprised at how nice the clinic is.
My concerns were addressed clearly and quickly. Planning a repeat visit.

Zara H. 6/01/2018
Zocdoc user Avatar

Great clean office, kind front staff. Hygienist was thorough but careful not to cause any pain.

Zocdoc user 5/23/2018
Christine P. Avatar

Dr. Brayman has a beautiful office and such a great spirit! I would highly recommend her.

Christine P. 5/22/2018
Isabel A. Avatar

I usually hate going to the dentist, but Dr. Kate Brayman office makes the dental experience as awesome as it gets!
The entire staff and doctor where wonderful. From scheduling an appointment to filling out the forms as a new patient to the appointment itself was super professional and efficient. I went in for a simple cleaning with Tanja. She answered all of my (many) questions very patiently and comprehensively. She's great at her job and also friendly. Best painless cleaning ever!!! The office manager (Tanya) was very efficient and thorough. She explained all the services I needed and how my insurance would apply. She made the ambiance very pleasant and was patient with my needs. Definitely will recommend this office!!

Isabel A. 5/07/2018
Tatyana V. Avatar

The most amazing experience at Dr. Kate Brayman office. - recommended to everyone in the NYC area. It was one of the most the thorough checkups I've had. We went through the xrays in detail together and I was given very good advice on how to prevent early issues. The hygienist was kind and gentle. Best cleaning ever!! My smile looks awesome now. Cannot believe I waited so long to find a great local dentist.
Furthermore, the entire staff was very informative and helpful. This will be my main provider from now on...
Best Experience!! Highly recommended/

Tatyana V. 4/24/2018
Siobhán A. Avatar

5 star rating I have never felt more comfortable at a dentists office than I do with Dr. Brayman and her team. They work spectacularly as a unit and deliver the best customer service. Every time I am there I feel it is a unique, personal experience and my needs are always addressed. Tanya is exceptional and more than accommodating when I have had to a) cancel last minute b)arrived late or c) needed to get new molds made for my Invisalign (I swear I'm going to be better about it guys ). Additionally, I had not one, not two, but three different dental insurance providers (thanks mom&dad) that Tanya was adeptly able to apply to my treatment despite the extra work and inconvenience it caused on her behalf.I think teeth whitening is next on the books for me ladies, what do you think? And the rest of you obviously know where I'll be going to get that done.

Siobhán A. 4/09/2018
Joe V. Avatar

5 star rating Great patient care. Very thorough and the staff is friendly and helpful. I tend to require a little extra work and they get me in and out pain free. They have a lot of state of the art equipment.

Joe V. 4/02/2018
Patrice Donnell Avatar

Dr. Brayman attends to my dental concerns with utmost care, in a beautiful, relaxing office with a fantastic professional staff. I highly recommend her.

Patrice Donnell 3/11/2018
Sara Manning Avatar

Efficient and thorough check up and lively bedside manner 😀

Sara Manning 3/11/2018
Jenna Leigh Evans Avatar

Yes, I hate going to the dentist too. But these folks make it as painless, pleasant, fast, and efficient as possible. Been going to Dr. Brayman for almost 10 years now and she and her staff only get better. Highly recommended.

Jenna Leigh Evans 3/11/2018
Jackie Leo Avatar

I just got my first pair of braces--and they're fabulous! Dr. Brayman and her team are the best. I'm going to the next step after this--teeth whitening!

Jackie Leo 3/11/2018
caap1234 Avatar

Excellent dentist and staff as well

caap1234 3/11/2018
Rissa Davis Avatar

I had a amazing experience at Kate Brayman DDS. She was professional and knowledgeable. It was a very warm environment and inviting. I'm usually scared to go to the dentist but I felt like I was at a high end tech place. All high end new equipment. All the workers from the front desk to the dental assistant was so nice and made me feel very comfortable . I would recommend all my friends and family to go there especially if you want quality work .Rissa

Rissa Davis 3/11/2018
Jaylan Turkkan Avatar

incredibly helpful and friendly staff

Jaylan Turkkan 3/11/2018
Vicki Baum Avatar

Efficient speedy went well!

Vicki Baum 3/11/2018
Stephanie Salvatore Avatar

Very knowledgeable stays on top of new technology.

Stephanie Salvatore 3/11/2018
Nicole Cosgrove Avatar

I love Kate Brayman dental. It's relaxing and clean- and the mini hand treatment is the best!

Nicole Cosgrove 3/11/2018
Howah Hung Avatar

Beautiful office and facilities; state of the art equipment; wonderful service and knowledgeable professionals. I have been a client for quite a few years and have been consistently happy throughout them all.

Howah Hung 3/11/2018
llfaustini Avatar

Very clean, professional, brand new facility and really good doctors. I’ve been going for years.

llfaustini 3/11/2018
Joseph Vinci Avatar

Friendly staff. State of the art facility. Painless experience for the past 5 years.

Joseph Vinci 3/11/2018
Todd Day Avatar

Wonderful experience, excellent staff,

Todd Day 3/11/2018
Sarah Robbins Avatar

Dr. Kate Brayman's office is beautiful. Her staff and hygenists are friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. Dr. Brayman is not only a talented and well versed denitist, she is also a wonderful painter. I leave with my teeth feeling clean and know my dental hygiene is in good hands.

Sarah Robbins 3/11/2018
Anichka Mal Avatar

I was experiencing some pain in my gums and noticed that every time I brushed my teeth they would start bleeding so I did some research and found this dental office. The reviews looked great so I made an appt. Upon arrival at this beautiful,modern,cozy and super clean office I was greeted with a coffee and bottle of water. I absolutely loved how cozy and comfortable the staff made me feel. I filled out some paperwork, provided my Insurance info and within minutes was led to a room where I was speaking with the doctor and explaining my dilemma. The doctor examined my teeth, took X-rays and pictures and we spoke for a bit. The Dr. explained to me that my gums were inflated and have risen above… More

Anichka Mal 11/29/2017
Kelly Leach Avatar

My jacked up teeth approve of the lovely service and treatment i received with Kate.

Kelly Leach 10/18/2017
Zachary N. Avatar

Amazing Amazing Amazing.
They're the best

Zachary N. 9/26/2017
Margaret G. Avatar

She was great! Super quick and easy and she even filled a cavity during a routine teeth cleaning. I will definitely come back.

Margaret G. 9/20/2017
Alexis Espinoza-Arrubla Avatar

Great service. Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff. I was particularly pleased at how great of a care they took of me because of my pregnancy. Also,they are pretty good with wait time (you are seen right away). Everyone is kind and attentive. Highly recommended.

Alexis Espinoza-Arrubla 9/12/2017
Charlotte R. Avatar

Dr. Brayman and her staff are awesome. Dr. Brayman's expertise in her field is exceptional and she is very personable. I always enjoy my visits to her office. How many people can say they enjoy a visit to the dentist, I can. Her equipment is up-to-date and top of the line. It makes all my treatments a breeze.

Charlotte R. 8/25/2017
Hunter N. Avatar

The staff was possibly the most helpful and professional people ive ever experienced.

Hunter N. 8/18/2017
Lilian T. Avatar

The staff was very helpful and accommodating.

Lilian T. 8/08/2017
Jennifer H. Avatar

Went in for a cleaning and x-rays. The office is very clean and modern. Everyone was professional and quick. I didn't feel like she was trying to up-sale me or anything.

Jennifer H. 7/17/2017
Salvatore V Iemmiti Jr. Avatar

Excellent service fast service great prices would refer this dentist all the time..... love my teeth

Salvatore V Iemmiti Jr. 6/07/2017
Camilo V. Avatar

I made the appointment for my husband and he had a great experience. He highly recommends Dr. Braydon.

Camilo V. 5/18/2017
Hilla Avatar

I had a pleasure visiting Dr. Kate Brayman and dealing with far the most professional, organized, intelligent and helpful staff a dental office could have. I wish any appointment would be as pleasant, easy and convenient as a visit to Dr. Braymans. Thank you Dr. and Staff!!!

Hilla 5/03/2017
Healthgrades User Avatar

This is truly the nicest dental office in NYC. It's beautiful inside and the staff are amazing. Dr. Brayman did my treatment and I couldn't be happier with the results. I was very insecure with my crooked smile but after getting my invisalign off I was in love with how straight my smile is. Thank you so much to everyone in the office for helping me smile with confidence.

Healthgrades User 5/03/2017
Tina Avatar

I absolutely love my experience with this practice. Everyone is warm and friendly and always so willing to help. I've been a patient for quite a few years and I don't see that changing anytime soon!

Tina 5/03/2017
Rachel M. Avatar

Dr. Brayman and her staff were so delightful! I went in for a cleaning and was having some TMJ symptoms. Within the hour, I'd gotten my x-rays, cleaning, diagnosis, and was fitted for a night guard that I was able to leave with. Very fast, informative, and helpful staff. Dr. Brayman answered all of my questions with clarity. Not to mention the beautiful office! I've already referred a handful of friends and colleagues to Dr. Brayman.

Rachel M. 4/07/2017
Linda Visser Avatar

Fabulous experience. It does not feel like you are at the dentist. Always enjoy my visits.

Linda Visser 3/11/2017
David Parsons Avatar

I'm very impressed with Dr. Brayman and her team. They're efficient and friendly and take the time to explain what's going on, which makes the visit more pleasant than your average dentist.Highly recommended.

David Parsons 3/11/2017
Rod Lai Avatar

A great office, specialists and dentists. Also nice amenities like moisturizing gloves for cuticles while you wait

Rod Lai 3/11/2017
Lisa White Avatar

They are generally pretty personable and the office is very nice. They will explain things to you as detailed as you need.

Lisa White 3/11/2017
Carolina Knutson Avatar

SHE and the whole staff are marvelous. Pretty cramped when it fills up with people. Proves her popularity. Always accommodating friendly efficient. Goes out of her/their way to help with a good solution. Thank you all.

Carolina Knutson 3/11/2017
Nicole Tribble Avatar

Hi. Dr.Brayman is a great dentist and I love visiting her office. Surprisingly, right? Who likes visiting the dentist? But everyone who works there is so pleasant and helpful. When I visit I feel like I'm visiting friends. The dental work is fantastic and my teeth get better each time I visit. Thank you.

Nicole Tribble 3/11/2017
Phillip Beard Avatar

The office of Dr. Kate Brayman is a great balance of professionalism and fun. They make you feel at home here and are really efficient. I wholeheartedly recommend!

Phillip Beard 3/11/2017
Matthew Huntington Avatar

Great staff and great service. My teeth thank you!

Matthew Huntington 3/11/2017
Zoe Heineman Avatar

Simply, the best. Caring team, professsional, respectful, painless. State of the art facility and equipment.

Zoe Heineman 3/11/2017
Emmanuel Genard Avatar

A well run place. Very professional staff

Emmanuel Genard 3/11/2017
Chelsea Power Avatar

Always have a great experience here. The office is very clean, modern and everyone is extremely polite and professional.

Chelsea Power 3/11/2017
Akif T Avatar

Both Dr. Brayman and the staff are very kind, caring and resourceful. Thank you very much!

Akif T 3/11/2017
Kate Groob Avatar

I started going to Dr. Brayman several years ago, and I always feel confident that she uses the best practices and equipment in caring for my teeth. Recently, she moved to a new office, and it is beautifully outfitted and professional.

Kate Groob 3/11/2017
Olena Stanko Avatar

Great service, state of the art equipment, friendly staff..... only positive experience.....

Olena Stanko 3/11/2017
carolina lugo Avatar

Great experience

carolina lugo 3/11/2017
Defne Arslan Avatar

Very professional! Dr Brayman is so sweet and knows what she's doing. Re staff is friendly and fast. Would definitely recommend.

Defne Arslan 3/11/2017
Morgan Jordan Avatar

Lovely visit!

Morgan Jordan 3/11/2017
Hadar Hoffman Avatar

I had my wisdom teeth removal surgery done here and I could not have been more pleased. The surgeon was top notch and made the experience a pleasant one with humor and expert skill. It went so smoothly! The office staff is a pleasure to work with and accommodating in all areas from appointment scheduling to billing- the rest of the support staff are the same. Dr Brayman herself is confident, friendly and very Professional. The office is clean and modern. Most highly recommend!

Hadar Hoffman 3/11/2017
Katherine Martinez Avatar

Walking into Dr. Brayman's office feels like entering a calming medispa as opposed to a cold uninviting dentist's office. It's covered with vibrant art that she's painted herself, and it's refreshing to know that she takes the same approach towards her patients' care and dental aesthetic. She even gives you spa gloves filled with moisturizer while you wait for your cleaning! Definitely made the typically unpleasant annual cleaning easier, and arguably enjoyable. I had seen another dentist + orthodontist who said I needed traditional "adult braces" which I was COMPLETELY dreading. After examining my x-rays, Dr. Brayman told me about another treatment called "Orthosnap" which is similar to Invisalign but more intensive, while avoiding the shame and embarrassment of normal braces. I'll be starting the treatment in the next month or so, and i'm excited to see the results!

Katherine Martinez 3/11/2017
alexey lutsenko Avatar

Great service, very friendly, professional and courteous service. Would definitely recommend this doctors when you need the best and pain-free experience! Great staff, amazing atmosphere.

alexey lutsenko 3/11/2017
Hudley Grisham Avatar

Great customer service and great advice from Dr. Brayman! They are very accommodating and will alert you when an opening cones up if you need to reschedule.

Hudley Grisham 3/11/2017
Enisa D Avatar

I came to see Dr. Brayman who was gently to touch. Very soon I was out the door. I was getting my temporary crown, well done! Staff is very attentive too! Thank you

Enisa D 3/11/2017
Paula DeLuccia Avatar

Dr. Brayman is a true professional and a very nice human being. She is skilled in the art of dentistry. Her staff is efficient and knows how to take care of the details to keep the office running smoothly. I recommend Dr. Brayman with no hesitation.

Paula DeLuccia 3/11/2017
Chris Castiglione Avatar

Kate and her staff are tremendous! Highly recommended.

Chris Castiglione 3/11/2017
Nate Pettit Avatar

Big fan of Dr. Brayman and her staff. All seem very competent and work is always done quickly. I've had a number of procedures done and in all cases I've felt very well cared for. I also really appreciate the personalities in the office -- they're always fun to see! (this is all from someone who has dreaded the dentist his whole life).

Nate Pettit 3/11/2017
Peter Lee Avatar

Great dentist, explains things thoroughly and does a fantastic job.

Peter Lee 3/11/2017
Nneka Udoh Avatar

The staff at Kate Brayman were very professional and efficient. I was grateful that I was seen shortly after I arrived at my appointment. The hygienist was really thorough and I felt she did a good job cleaning my teeth, especially considering I hadn't been to a dentist in over a year. The dentist, Dr. Brayman, was extremely personable and seemed genuine when examining my x-rays and discussing the dental work I needed. I didn't feel as if she was trying to make me get a lot of unnecessary and expensive dental work done. I highly recommend this dental office.

Nneka Udoh 3/11/2017
Brenda Yagmin Avatar

I had been to a few other dentists prior to finding Dr. Brayman - 2 were the of the 'pop up' variety corner NYC dentist shops, who told me i needed at least 2 root canals (nothing was hurting) and tried to upsell me on whitening and braces - ! I also visited another local dentist who was quite painful in the cleaning, and also wanted to do root canals. Dr. Brayman looked at my xrays with me and said it was nonsense - only one was bad and could be done with a crown, which I did. That was 2 years ago, and it is perfect and looks and feels great. The other one is about to get it's crown now. So I trust her completely in the analysis, she shows you photos and xrays and explains options. (She also told me my metal fillings would eventually need to be replaced, and I could do them sooner or try to wait. I waited a bit too long (um, 2 years) to go back and now have cavities under them that I'll now refill. Also, the cleaning is generally painless and fast. Super highly recommend, and have full trust. The office staff is also extremely helpful in figuring out dental savings plan to cut the costs, if you need it.

Brenda Yagmin 3/11/2017
Johann Amparo Avatar

Great staff & facility. Prompt service!

Johann Amparo 3/11/2017
Charlotte R. Avatar

Dr. Brayman is the best of the best! I love going to the dentist just to see her and her staff who are all wonderful. Her office is immaculate and beautifully decorated, and her equipment and services are state of the art. I would not hesitate recommending her to anyone.

Charlotte R. 2/21/2017
Adam S. Avatar

Quick and efficient cleaning. Consultation was thorough.

Adam S. 2/21/2017
Cassie G. Avatar

She was fine as a dentist, but sort of brief and seemed to be trying to sell expensive options for cosmetic dentistry improvements.

Cassie G. 1/27/2017
Morgan J. Avatar

Professional and courteous. Calming details that make Dr Brayman's office worth visiting agin.

Morgan J. 12/08/2016
Martin Wendler Avatar

Always a pleasant visit with Dt. Brayman and her staff (and better since there was no bad news �) The new offices look great and are much roomier !

Martin Wendler 11/28/2016
Caitlin B. Avatar

She was great! Very informative and responsive to my pain level. I highly suggest her.

Caitlin B. 10/13/2016
Stacy Avatar

I came to Kate Brayman DDS to get a cleaning and a filling last week. I was amazed when I walked into the office because of it's beautiful design. I have never seen such an aesthetic doctors office! The staff and the doctor were very kind and welcoming. The cleaning was thorough and not at all uncomfortable, and the filling was put in quickly and painlessly! I will definitely keep coming back to Kate Brayman's office!

Stacy 10/01/2016
Stacey B. Avatar

I had a great visit at Kate Brayman's DDS! It is a beautiful brand new office with state of the art equipment and modern design. It felt very welcoming and calm when I was in the waiting room. I got a cleaning and a filling done. The cleaning was not painful at all and even relaxing. Dr. Brayman used needle-less anesthesia before she put in the filling which what great because I am afraid of needles. She put in the filling very quickly and I didn't feel a thing. Dr. Brayman is a skilled dentist and her office is amazing. I would gladly recommend Dr. Brayman for your dental needs!

Stacey B. 9/30/2016
Gene Avatar

Dr Brayman is the best. She is not only great at what she does, she is efficient and spends enough time with each patient to make sure they satisfied with her work. Her team is very friendly and the office staff is always warm and welcoming. I have 100% trust in her and her practice.

Gene 8/11/2016
NisaVegan KevinDer Avatar

One of the best dentist made you feel cozy & comfortable. Thank you for all work you did on me very happy.

NisaVegan KevinDer 6/13/2016
Johann A. Avatar

Fantastic staff and prompt service. They take their time and give you the attention you deserve followed by explaining their findings during the visit. Great office!

Johann A. 5/11/2016
Trent W. Avatar

Dr. Brayman is amazing. I love her office staff they are all very friendly and accommodating.

Trent W. 4/25/2016
Michela M. Avatar

I love all the women at this office, they are all very professional and friendly. Love all the state-of-the-art equipment and their software for keeping track of patient records is great. The office manager is super helpful and accommodating.

Michela M. 4/10/2016
Gabriela S. Avatar

A big WOW! I went for a aesthetic reason and she did a brilliant job on my tooth!
If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist, I highly recommend her.

Gabriela S. 3/22/2016
Kristopher Fuhr Avatar

The standard of care she provides is fine. Her hygienist is excellent and maybe the best I've ever had. However, the doctor is a bit unprofessional. I was the last patient of the day during my first visit and after assessing that I had to return for two fillings, she left the room, which is normal. I picked up my belongings to head to the appointment desk to make my appointment and the Dr. left for the day before I was even done scheduling the appointment. I thought that was in poor taste that she snuck out of the front door right in front of me within about one minute of finishing my oral exam and before I could even schedule a follow up appointment. I feel that's kind of like a school teacher leaving before the final bell and kids are dismissed. When I did show up for my procedure to have my fillings done, the care again was just fine. She did two fillings in literally 8 minutes. Very very quick. However, she made me wait for my appointment to start for 15 minutes. I know that it's a fact of the matter you have to wait to go to the dentist. But, in this case, I was the only patient in the office and I could see the Dr. in the back eating lunch and making me wait. I know you have to eat, but why schedule a patient during the time you have to eat? I feel like her disappearance right after my exam and making me wait in the exam room while I could see her in the back eating her salad were a bit unprofessional.

Kristopher Fuhr 3/11/2016
Myroslav Sabram Avatar

Great dentist! Polite and professional

Myroslav Sabram 3/11/2016
Gisela Perez Avatar

Made my dentist visit feel so comfortable. Great staff and Dentist. Great technology

Gisela Perez 3/11/2016
Darin L. Avatar

Good sense of humor, staff was very warm and friendly. Hate going to the dentist, but if I have to go I'm going to Dr. Brayman.

Darin L. 3/08/2016
Esther B. Avatar

Small but cozy office, friendly professionals who work in the interests of the patient. Enjoyed very much, would recommend.

Esther B. 3/03/2016
Shay W. Avatar

My only feedback for the place (perhaps it's a pet peeve of mine) is that it's important for me that the person digging inside my mouth with sharp instruments should setup some sort of signal system that if I am experiencing pain or need her to immediately stop. (Like a safe word, but more likely 'raise your hand if you want me to stop right away')

Shay W. 2/19/2016
Freedom T. Avatar

It was great. First dental visit in five years! everyone was great and helpful in making a plan to correct the damage my neglect caused. I actually look forward to my next visit.

Freedom T. 2/17/2016
Heather W. Avatar

I've gone to Kate about 4 or 5 times and recommended her to my coworker who had a great experiences. She's very efficient.

Heather W. 11/06/2015
Jillian M. Avatar

Great and quick place. Very nice staff.

Jillian M. 11/06/2015
Lisa M. Avatar

5 star rating Fantastic - efficient, thorough, and professional. I arrived and was seen early, and was out in fewer than 35 minutes! A pleasant and friendly office staff as well.

Lisa M. 10/06/2015
Marcy D. Avatar

Went for a consultation. Dr. Brayman explained my options carefully and was respectful of my need to find a good solution that was also budget friendly. Thought everyone I came in contact with was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Good experience.

Marcy D. 9/25/2015
Shanese G. Avatar

5 star rating So let me start by saying I was pretty dumb to avoid going to the dentist for a long time due to an infection that my ex fiance had. My ex fiance ended up getting four teeth pulled and getting dentures. For fear with that I avoided seeing a dentist. Anyway due to avoiding and teeth situation getting worse I worked up the nerve to make an appointment. Trust me when I say this, I suffer from anxiety and fear of pain and discomfort. After reading the reviews on Yelp I choose to see Kate. First off walking into the office was very intimate and small. While waiting your offered bottled water, you can make coffee with creamer and sugar provided and Hulu Plus TV. I didn't wait long and was taken in right after submitting paperwork, for a discussion on history, x-rays and teeth cleaning. After discussion and x-rays were done I got some frightening news that made me cry and fill up with anxiety but I would rather hear the truth then a lie. I mustered up the courage to deal with what is to come.Kate's employees are very nice, welcoming and easy to talk to. Kate herself wanted to make sure I didn't have to make so many appointments for the future visit to come so consolidating visits was offered. She is honest and wanted to take one thing at a time before any future discussion on work being done. Didn't want to overwhelm her with nervous questions because the focus right now was the two appointments that were to come. I have to wait on insurance to got through before my second visit. I did make it aware of the severe anxiety that I have upon visiting dentist and Kate was more then willing to help in that matter as well with options. I'm hoping my next two visits go well and painless. Hope this was helpful.

Shanese G. 9/23/2015
Nicole W. Avatar

5 star rating Great experience! Appointment was quick and efficient, without feeling rushed. Scheduling appointments is easy and very timely.

Nicole W. 8/13/2015
Ingamar R. Avatar

5 star rating Kate is a sweetheart. Very knowledgeable, she walks you through the cleaning, and is very understanding of her patients' concerns. Highly recommended.

Ingamar R. 8/04/2015
Jessica G. Avatar

My experience was great. Kate got straight to the point, and made me feel like my health was a priority (as opposed to many other dentists who do not make follow ups, or immediate solutions a priority).

Jessica G. 8/04/2015
Pauline O. Avatar

5 star rating Best dentist in downtown Manhattan. Always on time. On top of insurance billing issues. High tech. And as painless as can be.

Pauline O. 7/30/2015
Marsha G. Avatar

5 star rating Went to see Dr.Brayman on a Living Social offer. Firstly, I had to cancel on very short notice because of a family emergency; they were very wonderful about it, completely understanding. Went today for my exam, cleaning, x-rays... found the office very state-of-the-art, extremely clean and the people there very very good. Vera did my x-rays and cleaning and Dr. Brayman did an exam. From the computer screen I was able to clearly see the two problems they found and scheduled appointments to get the work done. I was given full details on pricing and the work needed at reasonable costs. Very happy and I seem to have found my new dentist!

Marsha G. 7/14/2015
Nicole W. Avatar

5 star rating The best! Professional and nice and gets the job done quickly and painlessly. Her staff is super friendly and helpful, her office is immaculate and I highly recommend her!

Nicole W. 7/07/2015
Steven Z. Avatar

Dr. Brahman is wonderful. I'll continue to work with her and recommend to my colleagues and friends!

Steven Z. 7/07/2015
Pauline O. Avatar

A very well organized office and an efficient and helpful doctor. Great combo.

Pauline O. 6/24/2015
Doraly P. Avatar

She was quick and very professional. It's a modern office which I like. They have water and drinks for patients and a TV with wifi to kill the wait time.

Doraly P. 6/22/2015
Steven S. Avatar

Dr. Brayman was exceptionally friendly, accommodating, and patient during our appointment. The true star, however, was her hygienist Vera!!

Steven S. 6/18/2015
Michela M. Avatar

Great office; as always I was in and out in under 30 minutes with my teeth X-Rayed and sparkling clean. No cavities! Dr Brayman is great and her staff are so kind. Really enjoy these dental appointments.

Michela M. 5/04/2015
Stacy C. Avatar

I was very nervous about getting a root canal done and choosing a doctor to do it, but I am so glad I chose Dr.Brayman. She made me feel at ease about the procedure and performed it completely painlessly! I then had two follow up appointments to get a crow fitting and placement which went by quickly and smoothly. I was nervous about the crow feeling weird, but Dr.Brayman managed to make it feel very comfortable and look natural. I am so happy I found Dr.Brayman. I would definitely trust her with any other procedures I might need to have done in the future, and would highly recommend her to others!

Stacy C. 4/19/2015
Anthony S. Avatar

Every visit is a good visit. In and out with no waiting. I love it. Dr. Brayman is wonderful.

Anthony S. 3/24/2015
Zocdoc user Avatar

Great dentist. Have been coming back repeatedly.

Zocdoc user 1/26/2015
Anthony M. Avatar

Dr. Brayman and her team makes going to the dentist a pleasant experience.

Anthony M. 1/06/2015
Ken Z. Avatar

Kate is the best. She is not only great at what she does, she is efficient and spends enough time with each patient to make sure they satisfied with her work. Her team is very friendly and the office staff is always warm and welcoming.

Ken Z. 12/16/2014
Zocdoc user Avatar

One of the best experiences at the dentists I've had. Got me in and out very fast with no pain. And my teeth feel so amazing!

Zocdoc user 12/11/2014
Andrew O. Avatar

Fast, quick, the least painful experience at a dentist. Always a pleasure seeing Dr.Kate!

Andrew O. 12/11/2014
Zocdoc user Avatar

The Doctor and her staff were very pleasant, but the appointment was really quick, which made me think the cleaning wasn't thorough. They didn't give protective eye wear during the examination, so the light was pretty blinding and very uncomfortable. I hope they change that!

Zocdoc user 11/10/2014
Zocdoc user Avatar

I generally liked the place, though the hygienist and dentist were both a little curt. Unsure if this is just their manner or because I'm trans, but either way, they were professional and quick - just cool as well.

Zocdoc user 11/05/2014
Melisa K. Avatar

Dr Brayman is professional, prompt, and honest. Her office is very modern, clean, and inviting. Her staff is gentle and efficient. Dr. Brayman is smart and will come up with an honest treatment plan. I have recommended Dr Brayman to whomever needs a new dentist without hesitation.

Melisa K. 10/29/2014
Jeannie G. Avatar

Dr Kate is the best dentist I have had the pleasure to visit. She is highly knowledgable and skilled; it's amazing how quick and pleasant she is! I love this office and all its staff. There is never a long wait to see the dentist or hygienist. Dr Kate fits/makes absolutely beautiful crowns and bridges. Billing is efficient and they deal very well with the insurance companies. All you have to do is show up.

Jeannie G. 10/29/2014
Anthony S. Avatar

My visit as always was great. I do recommend her highly.

Anthony S. 10/21/2014
Zoe H. Avatar

Simply the best!

Zoe H. 9/17/2014
Zoe H. Avatar

She is professional, gentle, friendly and does an outstanding job with all of my dental work and cleaning.

Zoe H. 9/16/2014
Joel K. Avatar


Joel K. 9/12/2014
Zocdoc user Avatar

Great, comprehensive first time cleaning. Quickly in, quickly out. I was pleased with the technology in the office, especially the tooth imaging sequence. I am happy to have her as my new dentist.

Zocdoc user 9/09/2014
Emily A. Avatar

She's great!

Emily A. 8/06/2014
Stephanie H. Avatar

Got my cavity filled very fast! Everyone is so friendly here. It's a small cozy office, and I feel like I'm in good hands with Kate and her team. Much better than some other cold and impersonal offices I've been to.

Stephanie H. 7/31/2014
Antwan D. Avatar

The office is great and the staff were all cheerful and helpful.

Kate is swell and made me feel at ease, as did her assistant.

Antwan D. 7/15/2014
William S. Avatar

She is a highly professional, very skilled dentist. She gave me some good advice for long-term dental maintenance.

William S. 7/08/2014
Bonnie M. Avatar

Amazing amazing amazing! Seriously hate the dentist, I have very sensitive teeth the dental hygienist was great also!

Bonnie M. 7/02/2014
Julia P. Avatar

The office is small and cozy. Everyone is warm and nice. I have lots of problems with my mouth and the doctor explained everything well, worked out a treatment plan for me and made me feel like I was in good hands.

Julia P. 6/30/2014
Roger S. Avatar

EXCELLENT & VERSATILE dentist. Easy to talk to & she makes sure patient is comfortable with all procedures. Great staff, office & location. Have been seeing her since 2011 & am happy with results. You will not be disappointed. She is TERRIFIC!

Roger S. 6/26/2014
Stephanie F. Avatar

Everyone is very nice and professional while laid back at the same time. The office is cozy. I would recommend Dr. Brayman.

Stephanie F. 6/19/2014
Zocdoc user Avatar

The office was cozy and comfortable - it seems more like apartment than a traditional dental office. The staff, hygienist, and dentist were very friendly and knowledgeable. I was a first-time patient here and I was in and out of the office in less than an hour.

Zocdoc user 6/16/2014
Paula G. Avatar

Dr. Brayman is the best dentist in manhattan 🙂

Paula G. 6/04/2014
Blair G. Avatar

She's basically the most prompt and best dentist I've ever had.

Blair G. 5/20/2014
Lisa L. Avatar

She was amazing. I hate going to the Dentist and haven't gone to one for quite some time. Most Dentist that I had went to were either arrogant or try to rip you off. I had my wisdom tooth extracted and and she and her staff made me very comfortable and painless. Her price was reasonable. I finally have a dentist whom I really feel comfortable with.

Lisa L. 5/19/2014
Charlotte R. Avatar

Love Dr. Brayman and her staff. They are professional, accommodating to my anxiety. They listen to my needs and are always cheerful and friendly.

Charlotte R. 5/14/2014
Blair G. Avatar

She's great! Have been seeing here every 6 months for cleanings and she's very prompt, polite and professional.

Blair G. 5/05/2014
Karin Collison Avatar

Kate's charm and expertise are equally matched. I recommend her to people all the time.

Karin Collison 3/11/2014
Hamed Haddadi Avatar

I had to perform a surgical extraction, followed by a bone grafting operation to avoid bone collapse. I did not know (or I could not believe) that my tooth situation is that messed up. But Dr Brayman persuaded me by showing the digital X-Rays and explaining the situation. Plus, she was not pushy, did not intend to show the situation worse than it really is. Two of my friends had a positive experience in Brayman's office so I trusted and performed the surgery. The surgery went very smooth. I did not have acute pain hours after the surgery when the numbness is gone and by the night the whole pain was gone. Plus she did a good job in bone grafting (As I can tell by seeing the X-rays after the surgery) because the cave under the tooth was completely filled by the material. Compared with the dentists I saw in NY over the past years, I felt more comfortable in this office. Plus I felt happier about the outcome and the fee I paid.

Hamed Haddadi 3/11/2014
Donna Lentol Avatar

Great service on first visit, best in my 30 years of going to dentist and usually hating it. They were quick, to the point and extremely professional. Best office in implementing the latest technology too. I will come back definitely!

Donna Lentol 3/11/2014
Moses Zamora Avatar

I've had dental bonding done for many years and Dr Brayman is the best I've had. She's not only a great dentist but her eye for what's going to look perfect - yet natural - is fantastic. Highly recommend!!

Moses Zamora 3/11/2014
melisa kehlmann Avatar

I have had dental problems all my life and needless to say, I was preparing for the worse in both treatment and discomfort. Dr Brayman was referred to me by a colleague that only had great things to say and she was right! Dr Brayman is an excellent, thoughtful, and smart dentist. She looks at the "whole" person and is working very closely with me to determine the best option in treatment. Dr Brayman and her lovely staff are gentle, kind, and in my time of need, extremely positive. The wait is near zero minutes and I have been very comfortable and always leave her office feeling great about myself and my teeth. I am happy to say that I have finally found a dentist that I can trust! Thank you Dr Brayman.

melisa kehlmann 3/11/2014
Stacey G. Avatar

Easy, professional, painless and efficient!

Stacey G. 3/07/2014
Zocdoc user Avatar


Zocdoc user 2/24/2014
Zocdoc user Avatar

Dr. Brayman is an Artist AND a Dentist, a rare combo. You can have confidence that she'll do impeccable work, not some quick fix. Go to her.

Zocdoc user 2/16/2014
Zocdoc user Avatar

She saw me right away and was very friendly and informative.

Zocdoc user 2/07/2014
Joel K. Avatar

I liked the doc and her staff as they were all very friendly and professional.

Joel K. 2/04/2014
Carol M. Avatar

Great cahirszide manor & great DDS

Carol M. 1/27/2014
Zocdoc user Avatar

The trip seemed a bit short, not sure how thorough the cleaning was. Hadn't been in about a year and was in and out within 25 minutes. Normally a good thing but in this instance...

Zocdoc user 1/20/2014
Carol E. Avatar

Charismatic and efficient dentist, up to date on latest techniques. makes me feel comfortable, nice staff, comfortable small waiting room. She has done fillings, caps, and an implant for me. Highly recommended.

Carol E. 12/16/2013
Janielle B. Avatar

Dr. Brayan was very nice and personable. Her staff was friendly and she was very quick. I had a lunchtime cleaning Appt and I was done in less than 20 minutes. Perfect for working professionals!

Janielle B. 12/02/2013
Donna B. Avatar

She is the best! Gentle! Smart! Great Dental Experience!

Donna B. 10/24/2013
Emily Jane Annie Elizabeth E. Avatar

My 4th visit -- great every time so far. Dr. Brayman is fast, professional, responsive, and nice to be around. Her staff is really friendly also.

Emily Jane Annie Elizabeth E. 10/22/2013
Sean L. Avatar

Just the most professional and friendly dentist I have ever had! Great work and great people.

Sean L. 10/18/2013
Zocdoc user Avatar

Dr. Brayman is not only a tooth doctor, she's a tooth artist. You can see the precision of her hands evident by the paintings on the walls of the office. You want an artist, not just a technician. My father was a dentist and I go to Dr. Brayman.

Zocdoc user 8/30/2013
Johanna K. Avatar

Kate Brayman, DDS, is quick, positive, no nonsense. She inspires confidence with her candor, good attitude and efficiency.

Johanna K. 8/14/2013
Zocdoc user Avatar

Simply amazing. Very friendly and informative.

Zocdoc user 6/28/2013
Zocdoc user Avatar

I've had 2 appointments here and they have both started late but somehow I always end out sooner than I thought i was going to. The place is small but clean and pleasant. They have a tv and play upbeat music. I like a place with a good environment. The staff is really friendly and Kate herself is wonderful. I will def be coming back. Fast and good work and I dont feel like they rush through me.

Zocdoc user 6/18/2013
Kevin B. Avatar

Dr Brayman and her staff really are the best. Not only is she a great dentist, her office is very modern and just gives a good vibe. She has integrated technology (website / social media etc) into her practice and being a patient who is the typical busy New Yorker, that is a major luxury!

Kevin B. 5/14/2013
Rotem L. Avatar

This is the second time I am seeing Dr. Brayman and again the visit was wonderful! She is very nice and friendly and also very professional and quick, I feel like I can trust her and for me this is priceless. I recommended her to all my friends.
Thank you

Rotem L. 5/07/2013
Rotem L. Avatar

Dr. Brayman (and the whole staff in her clinic) are great!
I didn't waited at all, they are super nice and friendly but yet very professional and the treatment was very fast and clean.
I had a cleaning and an x-ray. Also they have late appositeness (6:30) which is priceless if you can't leave the office early like me.

Rotem L. 4/02/2013
Zocdoc user Avatar

I don't have dental and bought a voucher off of amazon for Great Dental Centers and found Dr. Brayman through zocdoc so I was a little nervous but it was a pleasant experience.. The place is really small but other than that I was seen right around my appt time. The assistant was nice and did my xrays. Shortly after the doc came in and went over my paperwork since i was new and talked to me about my TMJ which was really nice because I didn't even come in for that issue. She was very friendly and informative. They did the cleaning and informed me of my cavities which I already had a feeling i had.. They only recommended things i actually need done, didnt feel pressure for anything extra. I will be going back to get the follow up work that I need.

Zocdoc user 3/15/2013
Mary Ann Newman Avatar

So pleased to have found Dr. Brayman--grateful to Groupon for leading me to her. All the staff are accommodating, friendly, and professional, and do everything to make you feel comfortable and well-informed. Very modern equipment, and x-rays that don't dig into your gums. Highly recommended.

Mary Ann Newman 3/11/2013
Mahlet Seyoum Avatar

Dr. Brayman's office provided the best dentist experience I've ever had. Her entire staff is very kind and friendly, and really put you at ease and seem to care about your dental health and best interest. Dr. Brayman is friendly, smart, and took her time to answer all of my questions thoroughly and didn't rush a bit. She also explained different options to me and suggested the one she felt was best and most affordable, regardless of the fact that other options would have clearly been better for her bottom line. The office is clean and inviting, and I was in and out quickly. I will definitely be making her my long-term dentist.

Mahlet Seyoum 3/11/2013
Scott G. Avatar

First time at a new dentist in 28 years. Was in and out in 40 minutes, with XRays, Cleaning, and a pain free cavity filling. What more could I ask for! Uses great technology too to get the job done right.

Scott G. 3/08/2013
Nicole F. Avatar

Say yes to the massage chair that helps distract you while your teeth are being cleaned! Dr. Brayman was very informative and used a live video camera to show me my teeth. When the dental hygenist took my x-rays, I could see them show up on the screen in in front of me.

Another bonus - coffee and Hulu plus in the waiting room.

Nicole F. 2/08/2013
Elizabeth E. Avatar

Dr. Brayman was very nice and reassuring even though I have a ton of problems with my teeth.

Elizabeth E. 2/01/2013
Joseph T. Avatar

Great, as usual

Joseph T. 1/22/2013
Zocdoc user Avatar

Dr. Brayman was incredibly kind and professional. I HATE the dentist and had a full-on panic attack in the chair, completely embarrassing. But Dr. Brayman and her team were so kind (and fast!) and they even gave me some of their personal stash of calming tea to take with me for the road.

Zocdoc user 12/18/2012
Sean S. Avatar

This was just a meeting to figure out a plan of attack to get my teeth back to normal and what they used to be. Dr. Brayman worked with me to come up with a plan to start the work that needs to be done. Once I have experienced more treatments with Dr. Brayman I can provide more feedback. So far though I really enjoyed my experience with just talking with her. I look forward to working more with Dr. Brayman.

Sean S. 9/18/2012
Frank C. Avatar

Dr. Brayman and her office staff, like always, were extremely pleasant and took care of me quickly.

Frank C. 8/24/2012
Stacy C. Avatar

I had a great visit at Dr Brayman's office. Everyone at the office was friendly and put me at ease (which is hard for me when going to the dentist). This was also the first time where the entire check-up and cleaning didn't hurt at all, plus I was in and out within half an hour. Also I recently had some bad work done, and Dr Brayman was very helpful in telling what she could do to fix it. I'm looking forward to returning for the rest of the work that needs to be done, and I'm confident that she will do a great job.

Stacy C. 8/06/2012
James W H. Avatar

Best in the biz by far! I've been to many dentists before Dr. Brayman and she is the first one that I've seen that knows what she is doing, is always on time and just overall does an incredible job! Thank you

James W H. 7/31/2012
Nicole F. Avatar

Loved the small, intimate office. Also, all needless procedures here!

Nicole F. 7/20/2012
Yawen N. Avatar

The dental exam is professional, including cleaning, polishing and sharing dental plan advices.

Yawen N. 7/13/2012
Zocdoc user Avatar

Did a thorough job and took time to clearly answer all my questions.

Zocdoc user 7/06/2012
Wendy K. Avatar

Seems very competent and thorough and caring. Very pleasant and professional.

Wendy K. 6/16/2012
Joseph T. Avatar


Joseph T. 5/14/2012
Zocdoc user Avatar

Dr. Brayman and her staff were wonderful! They took x-rays and showed me in detail what was going on with my teeth. She caught a cavity using a laser tool that I hadn't seen before. She was able to fix it right then without making me reschedule another appointment which was great! She even put something on my gum to numb it before the needle. I also asked about teeth whitening and she said it didn't make sense for me although she'd be happy to do it if desired. I appreciated that she didn't push unnecessary services. I normally hate doctors/dentists but I have to say that I'd be happy to go back here! Highly recommended.

Zocdoc user 3/27/2012
Bonnie G. Avatar

She was kind, warm, and gentle.

Bonnie G. 3/23/2012
Laura S. Avatar

I went to get 3 cavities filled this morning (something I dread). Dr. Brayman's bedside manner put me at ease immediately, and once she started working, it took the time of 4 songs to complete the work. The entire office is so pleasant and amenable. This has definitely been my favorite dental experience.

Laura S. 3/19/2012
Chanthini B. Avatar

Kate really put me at ease. I am not comfortable at the dentist and she made me feel confident to book another appointment. She is very friendly and the appt was seamless.

Chanthini B. 2/24/2012
Bradford S. Avatar

Very professional, very efficient. I'll definitely be back.

Bradford S. 1/14/2012
Laura S. Avatar

Lovely office, really nice staff, very competent, and great technology being sensibly used in the office. I was nervous about going somewhere for the first time without a personal recommendation, but it turned out so well!

Laura S. 12/30/2011
Corey E. Avatar

Very friendly staff, amazing technology and office, never seen anything like it. Would highly recommend.

Corey E. 12/29/2011
Gabriel G. Avatar

Nice office, nice manor, great location... Glad I have her as my dentist

Gabriel G. 12/29/2011
Anthony S. Avatar

I believe Dr. Brayman is a very professional, and knowledgeable dentist. I trusted her opinion, and I believe she will do what needs to be done to get my teeth where they should be.

Anthony S. 12/16/2011
Lihua S. Avatar

great experience. Kate is very nice and approachable.

Lihua S. 12/01/2011
Elizabeth M. Avatar

Amazing. They handled all of my insurance before I got there. Was shown in right away. Was very cautious of my sensitive teeth and even cleaned manually to make me more comfortable. Staff was also extremely nice and helpful.

Elizabeth M. 11/22/2011
Melchior D. Avatar

Very professional

Melchior D. 11/11/2011
Jez C. Avatar

She was fantastic. I always felt confident she and her staff were highly efficient and professional, but always friendly their warmth and confidence made me confident the whole time. I am highly delighted by my visit and by the outcome for my teeth.

Jez C. 10/21/2011
Zocdoc user Avatar

She was extremely professional, knowledgable, and thorough. Highly recommended!

Zocdoc user 9/26/2011
MN Avatar

It's a really cozy and modern office. I got all the personal attention I needed. Dr. Brayman is a great doctor. Highly recommend!

MN 7/14/2011
MK Avatar

Kate was very friendly and professional! Highly recommended. A true family doctor.

MK 7/14/2011
ML Avatar

I was really impressed by this doctor's professionalism and skills. I was 100% sure that my broken tooth needs to be removed and the doctor saved it. She inserted fiber post and core and tooth was saved.

ML 7/11/2011