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Dr. Kate Brayman ensures you are comfortable and pain-free throughout tooth extraction. Her goal is to save your teeth and keep them healthy. Still, you can rely on her experience and expertise if extraction is unavoidable. If you have a broken tooth or are experiencing dental pain, please contact Kate Brayman, DDS, in Woodbury, NY.

Tooth Extraction Dentist Long Island NY


Why might you need a tooth extraction?

Tooth Extraction On Long Island NY

Teeth are frequently extracted when badly damaged or decaying, and other dental treatments cannot restore them. Some people have excessive teeth that must be removed for the rest of their teeth to remain correctly aligned. If a baby tooth does not fall out in time for the permanent tooth to develop, it may need to be pulled.

Another typical reason for extraction is impacted teeth. Impacted teeth are lodged in bone or gum tissue, frequently occurring when teeth are overcrowded, or a tooth is laterally tilted rather than developing straight up. When impacted teeth cause pain or interfere with other teeth in your mouth, it’s time to see your emergency dentist and get them removed.

What happens before you get a dental extraction?

If an infection exists, Dr. Brayman may treat it before pulling the tooth. She will also inquire about your medical history to ensure that you do not have a medical problem or taking any medications that will interfere with dental treatment. Following a thorough evaluation and X-rays, you can expect our emergency dentist to discuss the results and why the tooth needs to be extracted.

There are several occasions where the extractions are simple, implying that the tooth is above the gum and must be loosened before being pulled out. However, dental surgery may require for an impacted tooth or a tooth that has broken off at the gum line. Dr. Brayman will review anesthetic alternatives and ensure you know how to prepare before the extraction.

Dr. Brayman and her team of experienced professionals at our Woodbury dental office are passionate about providing all treatments, including extractions, in an atmosphere that is both comfortable and relaxed for patients. As we use the latest dental technology, there’s no need to be anxious; you can rest assured your extraction procedure will be pain-free!

Will it take long to recuperate after an extraction?

Tooth Extraction Recuperation

The recovery period after a tooth extraction depends on the complexity of the procedure and the number of teeth removed. For straightforward cases, you should get back into your daily routine in no time. Please avoid vigorous activities, as proper healing is integral to successful outcomes.

Following an impacted tooth extraction, you may expect some discomfort and swelling. Although the pain can easily be managed with prescribed treatment regimes, a few days of recovery are recommended to ensure proper healing. Dr. Brayman will advise you on how best to look after your mouth post-extraction as well as any limitations in activities or diet to observe during this time for optimal results.

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