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Gummy Smile Treatment on Long Island

There are numerous nerves in the mouth, so when there is an issue with any of the teeth, it is possible for a person’s overall health to be impacted. For many people, when there are issues with their teeth, there are problems with their gums too. Visiting a cosmetic dentist and getting a dental examination can help to determine whether someone’s discomfort is due to their teeth, gums or a combination of both.

Cosmetic gum surgery can provide both cosmetic and medical benefits. We offer procedures such as gummy smile correction at our Long Island NY dental office.

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What Are the Benefits of Cosmetic Gum Surgery?

Your dentist surely tells you how important it is to brush your teeth. They do this because it not only promotes healthy and clean teeth, but it is beneficial for your gums too. When it comes to oral hygiene and a great smile, gum health is important. It is possible to weaken the gums with things like poor dental hygiene, disease and genetics. To restore the health of the gums, it is sometimes necessary to consider gum surgery. When your gums are strong, it ensures proper support for veneers, crowns and other procedures that protect the teeth.

Clenching and teeth grinding or experiencing tooth decay can have a negative impact on the gums resulting in a “gummy smile.” This type of smile is characterized by the gums and teeth not appearing to have the proper proportions causing the gums to be more visible. The excess gum tissue can be reduced via gum surgery. This helps to restore the proper proportion of teeth to gums.

A scalpel is used for some of these surgeries, but thanks to modern technology, laser treatments can produce the same results without the need for cutting with a sharp object. A gum surgery can be used to remove gum tissue caused by infection or bleeding. If bleeding and weakness are a concern, the dentist can reshape the gums using a procedure called gingivoplasty.

Exploring Gummy Smile Correction

A “perfect” smile comes in many different forms. However, there are factors that can reduce how attractive and vibrant you find your smile to be. One of these is a gummy smile. In general, a smile is considered gummy when the gum tissue visibility is three millimeters or greater. While men can develop a gummy smile, it is more common in women.

Several things can cause a gummy smile. For some people, their teeth are still partially under the gum, so they have not grown properly. In other cases, teeth grinding or certain natural circumstances can wear down the teeth, so they look smaller. The upper lip might also contribute to a gummy smile. Some people’s upper lip sits higher so that there is a greater exposure of gum tissue. Gum enlargement, also called gingival hypertrophy, may cause this type of smile. Vertical maxillary excess, a common condition, can cause a gummy smile since the gums expand outward as a result of the jaw growing too big.

Our office offers gummy smile correction techniques that are as comfortable as possible. Whenever possible, the scalpel is avoided. You will sit down with a dentist and undergo an examination, which can include things like x-rays and digital impressions, to determine the best procedure for you.

An orthodontist or periodontist may recommend a patient for gummy smile corrections. Crown-lengthening is a procedure that a periodontist might perform. This removes excess bone structure and gum tissue so that you can see more of the tooth.

Other possible procedures might include:

  • Improving tooth position via braces or Invisalign
  • Maxillofacial surgery to reposition the bone
  • Repositioning the lip surgically
  • Removing gum tissue surgically

Same-day laser surgery is a possibility for some people. It comfortably and safely reduces gum tissue. There is no scalpel used for this procedure.

What is a frenectomy?

The frenulum is a type of gum tissue and this procedure works to remove it. This tissue works to restrict motion. It is located on the gum sides, under the tongue and by the two front teeth on the upper side. When this tissue is causing problems when someone is eating, it can be removed to stop this.

A frenectomy may be recommended for the following reasons:

  • A gap develops in the teeth due to the tissue between the incisors
  • It is hard to move the tongue
  • Gaps between front teeth
  • The incisors are causing lower lip pull resulting in gum recession

People can have frena issues at birth. If they are not taken care of, the issues can persist into adulthood. For example, a baby can find it hard to feed if the tissue that connects the bottom of the mouth to the tongue is too tight. As they age, this could result in issues speaking.

Overdevelopment of the frena is another possible issue. When it is present, it can cause gum tissue to start growing up between the two front teeth. As a result, a gap can start to occur. Some people think that braces will solve this, but a frenectomy is the best option for most people. However, it is common to apply braces after a successful frenectomy to ensure the teeth are moved into their proper positioning.

In some cases, the lip is pulled outward warranting a frenectomy. It helps to reduce the tightness associated with the teeth and lips for a more natural look that is not as gummy.

With modern dental technology and techniques, a frenectomy can be performed in about 15 minutes. For about two weeks following the procedure, it is common to have some soreness. However, with proper care, it is easy to manage.

Can You Correct a Gummy Smile?

At one point in time, jaw surgery was the primary way to treat a gummy smile. However, many dentists recommended braces instead since the surgery was so invasive. So while the patient’s teeth positioning was helped, they still had a gummy smile. Thanks to advances in dentistry, there are several ways to reduce a gummy smile without a major surgery.

Laser surgery is one option that patients can discuss with their dentist. This allows for the removal of gum tissue without the need to manually cut it away using a scalpel. Patients can generally expect a more comfortable procedure and less time to fully recover from the treatment.

What is the Average Cost of Gummy Smile Correction?

The cost of a gummy smile correction on Long Island NY can vary based on several factors. The cost of laser treatments will vary depending on how much gum tissue must be removed.

Before heading to the dentist for gummy smile correction, it is a good idea to see what the average cost is so that you can prepare. Location matters as certain cities and states are naturally more expensive than others.

You also have to consider how much gum tissue the dentist will need to remove. The costs are higher when the dentist has to remove more gum tissue.

On average, gummy smile correction will be between $475 and $3,500. When patients have their initial consultation with their dentist, they will learn about how extensive the procedure needs to be to get the desired results. This makes it possible to better assess the costs so that they can prepare for them once it comes time to go through the procedure.

If a patient only needs to correct the gum tissue surrounding just a tooth or two, they will generally pay less money for the total procedure. However, for more extensive treatment focused on the total gum line, the costs can be considerably higher.

It is also important to consider that additional treatments might be needed as part of a gummy smile correction. For example, if someone needs braces or a crown after the gum surgery, these are an additional cost.

Getting More Information About Cosmetic Gum Surgery

The first step is making an appointment with a cosmetic dentist. When calling, make sure that they know that you want to book a consultation appointment for a gummy smile correction. It is important to be with the dentist because then they can do a thorough examination. This makes it possible for them to make the best recommendations for which procedures will produce the desired results.

Dr. Kate Brayman and our friendly office staff invite any of your questions. We welcome residents of Woodbury, Syosset, Oyster Bay, Huntington, Melville, and Plainview to schedule a consultation with us.

Is Gummy Smile Correction Covered by Dental Insurance?

In most cases, a gummy smile correction is considered to be a cosmetic procedure. Due to this fact, most dental insurance plans will not offer any coverage. However, some patients may have a flexible plan that does offer some coverage. It is important to call your insurer and let them know which procedures the dentist recommends and why to see if they will offer coverage. For example, if this type of procedure will make it easier to eat or talk, they may be more likely to offer coverage.

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