family dentist in woodbury ny 11797

Family Dentist in Woodbury NY 11797

Family Dentist in Woodbury NY 11797

As a family dentist in Woodbury NY 11797, Dr. Kate Brayman welcomes patients of all ages, from toddlers getting their first teeth through grandparents facing age-related dental issues. Contact Kate Brayman DDS in Woodbury NY to schedule an appointment for everyone in your family. We provide general, restorative, and cosmetic dental treatments needed at every age.

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What are the benefits of family dentistry?

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One of the biggest benefits of choosing a Woodbury dentist who offers family dentistry is that it’s a convenient time saver. You don’t need to run the children to one dentist, parents to another, and seek yet another specialist to care for older family members. Everyone in the family can get a regular dental checkup at the same time.

It’s also a health advantage when one dentist treats every member of an extended family, because some dental problems tend to be inherited. As Dr. Brayman encounters these conditions in adults, she can take extra steps to help prevent them from occurring in children.

Extra Steps: Family Dentist in Woodbury NY 11797

Gum disease: Up to 30% of the population may inherit a tendency to develop gum disease. Teaching dental care to children and screening for gum disease at checkups will help prevent it from developing.

Misaligned teeth: Genetics have a role in determining the size of your jaw, which influences whether your teeth are crowded, have gaps, or don’t fit properly when you bite down. Most teens are good candidates for Invisalign aligners, which are available through Dr. Kate Brayman.

What children’s services are available at Kate Brayman DDS?

Children’s Dental Services

Dr. Brayman and her staff understand how important it is to establish good dental habits in young children, while preventing excessive dental anxiety or phobia. We can make the experience easier by having your child come in before an appointment to meet Dr. Brayman, tour the office, experience our massage dental chairs, and hear the sounds of tools.

Children should go to the dentist by age 1 or within 6 months after they have their first tooth, so if they’re a regular patient, we’ll be able to build a relationship over the years. In addition to routine dental check-ups and cleanings, digital X-rays that lower exposure to radiation, fluoride treatments or sealants, and repairing cavities, we will help teach your child about proper brushing and flossing, and the importance of avoiding sugar and acidic products.

Do older patients need specialized dental care?

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Adult Dental Care

Adults face unique dental problems as they age, but Dr. Brayman is prepared to help them. Two common issues that arise include:

Dry mouth: About 30% of adults older than 65 years develop dry mouth, which makes it more likely they’ll develop cavities. Dry mouth is often caused by medicines because it’s a side effect of more than 500 medications.

Root caries: Older adults are more likely to have recessed gums, which puts them at a higher risk for root caries.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

At Kate Brayman DDS, we accept most major insurance plans. Here is list of some of the plans we accept. Please contact our office if you do not see your insurance provider listed. Please note we do not participate with DMO/HMO insurance.

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