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Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Porcelain veneers work to boost your confidence by transforming your smile. Our dentists have a wealth of experience in this dental specialty. Located on Long Island, we offer a convenient location to get your dental needs addressed. Schedule a consultation with us today to get more information about how porcelain veneers can cover your uneven, discolored and chipped teeth to reveal a fresh and straight smile.

Your appearance depends on many factors with a beautiful smile being a major part of it. We offer a variety of cosmetic dental procedures at Kate Brayman, DDS in Woodbury NY to help you achieve your ideal smile. Our Long Island dentists offer porcelain crowns to aid you in perfecting your teeth.

Getting Invisalign on Long Island is easy when you schedule an appointment with our office. You can achieve the straight smile that you long for without ever having to deal with the hassle of metal braces. Whether your teeth have a bite issue or are crooked or crowded, our Invisalign services can help you get the smile that you want with invisible aligners that gradually shift your teeth.

You should never have to hide your smile and there is no need to when you take advantage of our professional teeth whitening services. Whether your teeth are slightly stained or heavily discolored, we have a treatment for you. Our dentists provide the highest level of care to significantly reduce the risk of irritated gums and help to ensure that you get long-lasting results. One of the options that we offer is Zoom whitening. This works to whiten your teeth in one session that only lasts 45 minutes.

With our dental bonding services, you will not have to worry about results that are obvious. We use a composite resin that will match your teeth’s natural color so that no one will know that you had bonding done. Use this service for things like changing tooth shape, to enhance cracked or discolored teeth and for the repair of cavities.

Our dental office offers comprehensive cosmetic services to help you to achieve the smile of your dreams. Whether you need a single procedure, or several of them, we can help you get your smile makeover started. Once you are done your smile will be the first thing that people notice about you.

Gum issues are just as common as problems with your teeth. When there are gum problems present, you can experience discomfort as well as issues with your confidence. We can perform a thorough examination to determine if your issues are related to your gums, teeth or both of them. With our extensive offering of both medical and cosmetic procedures, we can aid you in correcting your gummy smile, as well as any other dental problems that you are experiencing.

You can choose cosmetic dentistry for both medical and aesthetic corrections and enhancements to your smile. Whether you want to get information about porcelain veneers or get your teeth whitened, our office offers a variety of solutions. During your consultation, your dentist will help you to decide which of our services will help you to achieve your dental goals.

General Dentistry Services

Keeping the smiles of your entire family healthy is no easy task, but we offer the services to make this easier for you. You can schedule appointments for your whole family so that you never forget to take care of everyone’s dental needs. Simply contact our practice today whether your family needs basic dental care or enhanced cosmetic services, as we offer solutions for all of it.

This practice and its staff put a strong emphasis on their patient’s dental hygiene as this is imperative for overall healthy gums and teeth. Contact our practice today to learn more about dental hygiene and the preventative care that is needed to keep your smile healthy. You can learn more about flossing and brushing, and get your routine exam and dental cleaning.

It is important to see your dentist approximately every six months for a dental check-up. Your dentist can assess your dental health and perform any needed preventative care at this time. When you see your dentist regularly you are able to reduce your risk of dental issues, such as cavities, gum disease and tooth loss to ensure better overall dental health.

Fillings are common when you have teeth that are decayed or damaged. There are a variety of filling types available, but those that are made of a tooth-colored resin offer the best solution because they are considerably less noticeable especially on your front teeth that people can see when you smile. These fillings can restore your tooth so that it looks almost exactly like it did before you got the filling. When these are done correctly, it is nearly impossible to see that a filling is present.

If you have a dental emergency do not hesitate to give our office a call. We offer emergency treatment for any dental emergency that you are experiencing. We strive to provide fast service to relieve your discomfort and keep you comfortable. Your anxiety is understandable and we ensure the most caring and prompt service.

Temporomandibular joint disorders lead to issues with your jaw that can make it hard to chew and varying degrees of pain that make it hard to get through your day. We can help to assess your issue and aid you in figuring out if a night guard can alleviate your discomfort.

Your root canal does not need to be a traumatic or painful experience. If you have a dental infection that is causing sensitivity, gum swelling or pain, this treatment may be needed to relieve it. You can often prevent a root canal with early treatment, but if you do need one, we offer treatment that is comfortable and free from pain.

If your gum disease has progressed to a level where the bone that anchors your teeth and your teeth are involved we offer surgical options that can help. Contact our clinic today to get an assessment of your gum disease and to determine what options are available to you. In some cases, we can treat gum disease before you need surgical intervention. However, if you do need more advanced treatment, there is laser periodontal surgery that we offer that can provide a more comfortable experience.

There are times when removing a tooth is the best option to treat your dental issue and we offer a pain-free experience. While it is our priority to save your natural teeth whenever possible if you need an extraction to alleviate your dental pain or damage, we provide a safe extraction.

Restorative Dentistry Services

One of the most common procedures that we offer are dental implants. These work to securely anchor your dental bridges, new teeth or dentures so that once you heal, they feel and function exactly like your natural teeth do.

Long Island NY Porcelain Inlays And Onlays

Our office offers patients two dental filling types, including porcelain inlays and onlays. These work to replace a tooth that is either dying or decayed so that you can maintain a beautiful smile. We will take an impression of the tooth and a laboratory will fill it so that it matches your existing tooth. Once this is done, we ensure that it is the right size and shape before placing it back into your mouth.

Long Island NY Dentals Crowns

If your teeth are damaged a crown can cover it to improve the appearance and restore the tooth so that it does not look uneven or stained. We offer both zirconium and porcelain crowns. Contact our office at Kate Brayman DDS on Long Island NY to learn about the benefits of each.