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If you’re concerned about your appearance and staining on your teeth, perhaps from smoking or dark-colored foods or drinks, medications, or simply aging, Dr. Kate Brayman, DDS has the solution for you. Teeth whitening is an easy answer to address discoloration that is affordable and only takes about 45 minutes at our Plainville dental clinic. Dr. Brayman is the premier Plainview cosmetic dentist providing exceptional teeth whitening that can help improve your smile while increasing your self-confidence. Your smile is one of the more noticeable parts of your appearance and you want to ensure that you look your best.

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Is it worth it to get your teeth professionally whitened in Plainview?

In about 45 minutes at our Plainview dental clinic, you can achieve visibly whiter teeth with our professional Zoom teeth whitening laser procedure. Dr. Brayman’s professional teeth whitening guarantees consistent and impressive whitening for all of your teeth. This thorough process ensures your brightest and most captivating smile, making our Plainview professional teeth whitening unquestionably worthwhile.

How does the teeth whitening procedure work in Plainview?

First, your lips and gums will be protected to prevent any potential irritation from the bleaching agent. Dr. Brayman will walk you through the teeth whitening procedure while expertly removing your tartar and plaque stains. With the Zoom whitening technique, a specialized whitening gel is paired with the Zoom laser to begin stain removal. The gel is removed after 15 minutes when Dr. Brayman’ will evaluate your progress. Most individuals require three gel applications lasting a total of about 45 minutes. Digital photography documents the color of your teeth before and after whitening so you can compare the two. Even patients with heightened tooth sensitivity should find the Zoom teeth whitening process comfortable.

What are the teeth whitening options offered in Plainview?

In Plainview, you have several options for teeth whitening. Understand that at-home teeth whitening kits have limitations. DIY teeth whitening kits typically only target your front teeth, leaving others untreated. At our Plainview dental clinic, we use Zoom professional teeth whitening with a laser, which ensures you get the brightest, whitest smile possible. Our efficient Zoom procedure delivers outstanding results safely and quickly. Place your full confidence and trust in Dr. Brayman and our qualified team. We are dedicated to providing you with exceptional teeth whitening results that exceed your expectations.

How can Plainview teeth whitening improve my smile?

Using the Zoom Teeth whitening system, we can quickly and safely improve your smile, enhancing the brightness of your teeth. After the treatment, you can rest assured you will be able to smile without worries about unsightly stains or imperfections on your teeth.

Which types of stains can be effectively removed through teeth whitening in Plainview?

Stains often result from the use of coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco, and certain foods. As we age, teeth may gradually take on a slightly discolored or yellowish hue. Some medications can induce deep-seated stains while teeth are developing.  Overexposure to fluoride during tooth development can result in discoloration, and trauma or injury may have caused teeth discolorations. At our Plainville clinic, we offer professional teeth whitening treatments that can effectively improve these stains. Consult with Dr. Brayman for the best approach to determine the underlying cause of your dental stains and to identify if you are a candidate for Zoom laser whitening treatment. In cases of severe tooth enamel erosion, Dr. Brayman may recommend alternative cosmetic treatments.

What steps should I take to prepare for my teeth whitening appointment in Plainview?

Before undergoing teeth whitening in Plainview, you will need to schedule a dental checkup with Dr. Brayman. Dental issues can significantly influence the outcome of the whitening procedure, and you may have sensitivities needing professional care, like cavities. Treating cavities before teeth whitening is important to prevent the whitening solution from penetrating decayed areas and damaging the tooth’s inner soft tissue.

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