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If you’ve been noticing that your teeth are looking yellowed from smoking, consuming dark-colored drinks, or perhaps from medication, or aging, we have the answer to this discoloration. If you’re starting to feel nervous about showing your smile because of staining, you may want to consider getting your teeth whitened by Dr. Kate Brayman,  DDS, who is the foremost  Melville cosmetic dentist. Your smile is one of the most important and most noticeable parts of your appearance which can also affect your confidence, and you want to always look your best.

The great news is that teeth whitening is an easy solution that is affordable and low risk, doesn’t take much time to accomplish, and has a high satisfaction rate. At our Melville dental clinic,  we provide sustainable teeth whitening results in one 45-minute teeth whitening session using the Zoom teeth whitening process.

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How does the teeth whitening procedure work in Melville?

Dr. Brayman takes a meticulous approach to ensure your comfort during the teeth whitening process. Measures are in place to safeguard your lips and gums from potential irritation caused by the bleaching agent. Dr. Brayman provides a detailed explanation of the teeth whitening process and removes tartar and plaque stains. The Zoom Whitening process combines a specialized whitening gel with the Zoom laser, expediting stain removal. After 15 minutes, the whitening  gel is carefully removed, allowing Dr. Brayman to assess the outcome. Most patients need three applications of gel to achieve the best results, and the entire treatment lasts about 45 minutes. Digital photography captures the color of your teeth before and after the procedure, offering a comparison of your transformation. Even patients who have sensitive teeth should be able to tolerate Zoom laser teeth whitening.

What options are there for teeth whitening near Melville?

There are several choices to get teeth whitening in Melville, NY.  If you’re thinking about doing it yourself at home, there are limitations. At-home teeth whitening kits only whiten your front teeth. They don’t whiten all your teeth.  At our dental office in Melville, we use professional laser teeth whitening called Zoom which will deliver the brightest, whitest smile for you at an affordable price, that is completely safe and quick with excellent results. You can trust that our experienced clinic staff and Dr. Brayman will provide you with long-lasting teeth whitening results that you will be happy with.

What kinds of stains can be removed with teeth whitening in Melville?

Extrinsic stains that result from consuming coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco, and certain foods. As people age, teeth become slightly discolored or yellowish. Some medications cause deep-seated stains during tooth development. Other medications can sometimes cause staining too. Excessive fluoride exposure during tooth development leads to discoloration. Teeth that have sustained trauma or injury can turn discolored.
All of these stains can be improved by professional teeth whitening at our Melville clinic, although some stubborn ones may need more extensive dental procedures. It’s best to consult with Dr. Brayman so she can determine the cause of your dental stains and what type of cosmetic dentistry is best for you.

How can Melville teeth whitening improve my smile?

By using whitening gel on your teeth, at our dental clinic at Melville, Dr. Brayman can remove your discoloration, giving you an irresistible smile.

How do I prep for my teeth whitening appointment in Melville?

Before proceeding with teeth whitening in Melville,  you need to schedule a dental checkup with Dr. Brayman. Dental concerns could affect the outcome of the whitening procedure. You might have sensitivities that require professional care, such as cavities. Treating cavities before teeth whitening is essential to prevent the whitening solution from penetrating decayed areas and reaching the tooth’s inner soft tissue. Contact us today for a check-up so we can see if you are a good candidate for professional teeth whitening.

Is it worth it to get teeth professionally whitened in Melville?

Yes. It’s worth it to get your teeth whitened in Melville by Dr. Kate Brayman because you want to look your best, flash your pearly whites, and be confident about your smile. In just about 45 minutes, our teeth whitening treatment delivers lasting results leaving you with a brighter, whiter smile that you can be proud of.

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