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What Our Patients Say


As we re-open to serve your cosmetic dentistry needs, safety has never been more important. Please read the protocols we have put in place to keep our patients healthy and protected from Covid-19: 

Every staff member in the clinic is required to wear PPE. Clinical staff will wear N95 masks and a level 2 mask on top of that. They will also wear a solid face shield for additional protection. Reception desk staff are required to wear surgical masks and gloves. 

The air inside the clinic will be treated with medical grade HEPA air purifiers. These can purify 99.9% of the air, including virus-sized microns. The clinic has always used an air filtering system that removed 94% of aerosols, so this will just increase the effect. 

To minimize the risk from contaminated surfaces, we are asking all patients to submit a Covid-19 questionnaire, along with an updated health history. Patients are also asked to fill out a credit card authorization form for contactless payments. Please note that at this time the clinic will not be asking patients to fill out their health details on a tablet. 

When patients arrive at the clinic they will be subject to a temperature check. The thermometers used for these checks are non-contact. Patients will also be asked to sanitize their hands so their heart rate and oxygen level can be checked safely. 

The clinic does have Covid-19 testing capabilities if needed or at the request of the patient. This test will be taken by the finger and provides a 95% accuracy rate. It will also test for antibodies that can show if the patient has had Covid-19 in the past. Results for this test will be available immediately, and the testing fee is $65. 

To keep everyone as safe as possible, appointment time frames will be longer, and there will be at least 20 minutes between each. This will allow for time to clean and sanitize the area, as well as provide social distancing between patients. 

Every clinic staff member will be tested on a bi-weekly basis. 

We ask that if you are feeling ill, please call to reschedule your appointment and stay home. When you are ready to return, we will be happy to help you.