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Discolored or unappealing teeth can significantly impact your life and self-confidence. This can create challenges for you in social and professional settings if you are reluctant to show your smile. It might make you reluctant to have your photo taken in this world of constant photo posting on social media. You want to show off your best self including your brightest, whitest smile. Acidic foods, drinks, tobacco, and age can all erode enamel and cause discoloration. Teeth whitening in Woodbury can help solve these problems and boost your self-esteem.

At our dental clinic, Dr. Kate Brayman DDS, who is the premier Woodbury cosmetic dentist, provides long-lasting results in one 45-minute teeth whitening session using the Zoom teeth whitening process with a laser.

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What is the process for teeth whitening in Woodbury?

Dr. Brayman’s firstly protects your lips and gums to prevent any irritation from the bleaching agent. She will explain the teeth whitening process and remove tartar and plaque stains. The Zoom Whitening laser technique uses a specialized whitening gel in conjunction with the laser light, accelerating the process of removing stains. After 15 minutes, the gel is removed to allow Dr. Brayman to assess the result.  Most people need three gel applications. The treatment takes about 45 minutes. Digital photography is used to record the color of your teeth before and after the procedure, so you can compare the results. Even those with very sensitive teeth should be able to tolerate the Zoom teeth laser whitening process.

What type of teeth whitening is available in Woodbury?

 If you’re considering DIY whitening strips, they are a popular choice but have limitations. They typically only cover your front teeth, leaving some teeth unwhitened. The teeth whitening gel we use at our Woodbury dental clinic is a better choice for teeth whitening because it whitens all of your teeth, both front and back. Our Zoom with laser whitening produces impressive results at a very affordable price and shows results immediately. 

How can Woodbury teeth whitening improve my smile?

Teeth whitening in Woodbury, NY is a safe, quick method to enhance the brightness of your teeth and your smile. It can instill confidence in you, allowing you to smile freely without concerns about revealing ugly stains or imperfections on your teeth.

What kinds of stains can be removed with teeth whitening in Woodbury?

When you’re planning to get your teeth whitened, you want to be sure that your visible discoloration is due to stains that can be effectively treated with whitening products. If you have receding gums and exposed roots that appear yellow, whitening won’t make them appear whiter. In cases of severe tooth enamel erosion, alternative cosmetic treatments may be necessary.

How do I prep for my teeth whitening appointment in Woodbury?

To prepare for your teeth whitening in Woodbury, first get a dental checkup. Dental issues can impact the success of whitening, and you may have sensitivities that need professional attention like cavities. Treating cavities before teeth whitening prevents the whitening solution from seeping into decayed areas and reaching the tooth’s inner soft tissue.

Is it worth it to get your teeth professionally whitened in Woodbury?

Maintaining good oral hygiene practices before and after whitening treatments matters a great deal. Avoiding substances like coffee and red wine that can stain teeth will help preserve teeth-whitening results. You can achieve noticeably whiter and healthier-looking teeth in 45 minutes at our Woodbury dental office. Professional teeth whitening by Dr. Brayman ensures that all of your teeth, including those in the back, are uniformly whitened. This comprehensive approach ensures that you always display your brightest and most appealing smile making our Woodbury teeth whitening procedure absolutely worth it.

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Woodbury is a hamlet and census-designated place (CDP) located within the Town of Oyster Bay in Nassau County, on Long Island, in New York, United States.

Woodbury borders Laurel Hollow to the north, Plainview to the south, Syosset to the west, and Cold Spring Harbor, West Hills and South Huntington to the east. Woodbury is located approximately 35 miles (57 km) east of Midtown Manhattan.

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