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At Kate Brayman DDS (serving zipcode 11797) all our potential Invisalign patients start off with an Invisalign consultation. We are also a Gold Plus Invisalign Provider.

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Who Is Not Eligible for Invisalign?

Invisalign is not an option for everyone. Patients who have active gum disease should not proceed with the process. Nor should patients who have untreated cavities. It is best to wait until after all applicable dental treatments and procedures have been used before Invisalign. Otherwise, having Invisalign will only make things more complicated, and all prior treatments might need to be removed to properly complete the treatment. 

Patients with damaged or eroded teeth should also have dental work to correct the issue before Invisalign. However, needing bridges, dental implants, or having TMJ problems does not necessarily mean that Invisalign should be delayed. Depending on the circumstances, the dentist may be able to work around those issues to install Invisalign braces. 

What Happens at an Invisalign Consultation?

The first part of an Invisalign treatment plan is the consultation. There are several steps to follow, but the consultation is where the dentist and you can map out what’s to come. 

When a patient is interested in having Invisalign, they must have an appointment where the dentist will evaluate their dental and oral health and make sure that Invisalign is an appropriate treatment for their situation. You can also ask any questions you might have. The dentist will advise you as to what to expect, such as how long it will take to complete the process, how your lifestyle may be affected, how much it will cost, and anything else that you want to know. 

As part of this appointment, the dentist will take impressions of your teeth and other records to get a comprehensive view of the state of your mouth. They will also take x-rays to gauge the overall health of the teeth, bite records to see how the teeth are fitting together, and photos of your teeth and face.

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Once this is all completed, assuming that you are a good candidate for Invisalign, the dentist will write out an order for it. The order will act as a prescription, and will outline the state of the teeth and how Invisalign will treat them. It will also describe how the alignment of the teeth will change during the process. All of this information, along with the records that were taken, are then sent to a lab for the aligners to be manufactured. Then, the next step will be an appointment to install the aligners and start seeing improvements in your smile. 

How Much is an Invisalign Consultation on Long Island NY?

At Kate Brayman DDS, we understand that you may not know what your best options are when it comes to fixing your smile. That’s why we offer an initial Invisalign consultation to make sure that it is the right treatment for you, with no commitment. This initial consultation fee is $150. If you choose to move forward with your Invisalign treatment, this initial consultation fee of $150 is subtracted from the overall cost of your Invisalign treatment. Come and talk to us to get started on the road to a brighter smile. 

What Happens After an Invisalign Consultation?

After your consultation, you will be given a plan that is custom made for you, based on your records and on the state of your teeth. At Kate Brayman DDS, we can predict the manner in which your teeth might shift in time, plus how your smile will look at the end of your treatment. However, predicting the exact timeframe is difficult. We will give you an estimate and in most cases the process takes a similar amount of time. 

After your initial Invisalign consultation, you will come back for another appointment once your aligners have been manufactured and shipped to the clinic. At that appointment, the dental staff will discuss what happens throughout the process. Your aligners will be installed, and then you will need to return after a set period of time to have them replaced with new ones. In most cases this period is two weeks. You may need fasteners that are bonded to your teeth to better hold in your aligners, but they will be removed from your mouth once your treatment is complete. 

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How Long After Consultation Do You Get Invisalign?

After your Invisalign consultation, it will take some time for the lab to build your aligners and send them to your dentist. In most cases, this can take approximately four weeks. The process cannot and should not be rushed, as they must be made to very exact specifications. The dentist and the factory may also need to consult to make any changes or adjustments before they are 3-D printed and sent to the clinic. Once they have arrived, you can begin your Invisalign treatment. 

How Much Time Does It Take For Invisalign To Straighten Teeth?

Even though Invisalign is a more comfortable and visually appealing option, you may want to know how long it will be until you don’t have to have aligners in your mouth anymore. In most cases, this process can take anywhere between six months to one year. Your teeth will look better and better throughout the process, but you may not see any improvements until after two or three months have passed. In general, the most severe your particular issues are, the more time it will take for you to see the final results. 

If you have crowded teeth it could take you up to six months if the case is mild enough. Severe cases of crowded teeth take an even longer time period, but your dentist may instead recommend another treatment option such as headgear if that is the case. 

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If your issue is a simple gap in your teeth, then it can take as little as eight weeks. However, with a gap, there is always the concern that it will come back if it is not treated properly. You may need to have a retainer after your Invisalign aligners are removed. 

Most people use Invisalign to help with straightening teeth. The key to making sure that the treatment process is as short and effective as possible is to follow all of the instructions that you are given. For example, sometimes teenagers have Invisalign for longer periods because they do not wear them for the entire 22 hour period that is recommended. If you follow the guidelines, then there is a good chance that your treatment will take around one year. However, everyone is different, and some people have teeth that move more easily than others. No matter what, when compared to braces which are usually installed for two years, Invisalign is the faster treatment option

Does Invisalign Whiten Teeth?

The short answer is that no, Invisalign itself does not whiten teeth. However, using whitening in conjunction with Invisalign can be a powerful way to improve your smile. It’s important to remember that with Invisalign, you will need to brush your teeth more often. You can get food particles stuck under the aligners which need to be removed as soon as possible. This will keep your teeth looking as healthy as possible. 

However, Invisalign trays also help with the whitening process in a more direct way. They are the perfect vessels to hold whitening gel and spread it evenly on your teeth. This can be one of the trickiest parts of whitening. The trays can help to make sure that all of your teeth get whitened. You can choose to do this during the process, or wait until after. Your final Invisalign tray will fit your teeth perfectly, so you can use them to apply your whitening agent going forward for years to come. You can have straighter teeth and a brighter smile all at once. 

Does Invisalign Change Your Face Shape?

In some cases, a patient’s face can look slightly different after having Invisalign aligners. The number one goal is always to create the best smile possible, but that can have other benefits as well. Every face is unique, and shifting the teeth around can change a face ever so slightly. 

Even though they may seem like it, almost no faces are actually symmetrical. It’s usually not noticeable, but there are always subtle differences between each side of the face. When there is a jaw issue, those differences can be pronounced and very noticeable. Invisalign can bring the jaw back into alignment, which will make the face look more symmetrical than it did before. Strangely enough, it can even affect the look of your nose. As the jaw moves, it can pull on your lips, which will then pull on the skin around the nose. The difference is minor, but it is still there. 

If you are treating an underbite with aligners, then your lower face can look different when the process is finished. With an underbite, there is an imbalance between how your bottom teeth sit when compared to your top teeth. After Invisalign, your jaw will no longer stick out, which will improve the look of your face and make you look more proportionate. 

An overbite tends to cause your cheeks to look sunken and your chin to look weak. With correction, your face will look fuller as your arches align properly with your bite. Your face will look more balanced and you will have stronger features on the lower half of your face. 

What Can Invisalign Not Fix?

While Invisalign is a great option for many orthodontic issues, there are some for which it is not an appropriate solution. Invisalign does not exert as much pressure on the teeth as braces, so if your teeth placement issues are more severe, then braces may work better. 

If your teeth are too short or have an irregular shape, then your aligners may not be able to grip well enough onto them. If your teeth are too far overrated, then Invisalign won’t be enough to align them. Invisalign is also not able to raise or lower the position of your teeth. 

How Painful is Invisalign?

While Invisalign is less painful than braces, there can still be some pain and discomfort. When you have your first aligners installed, you can expect to feel pain from them rubbing against your mouth. Sometimes there are sharp edges on the aligners, and your mouth will have to get used to having them there. It can take a couple of weeks for this sensation to go away. While your mouth will have gotten used to it, you may again feel some discomfort when you get your next set of aligners, although the sensation should be diminished. 

There can also be pain from the pressure that the aligners are putting on the teeth. The goal is to shift your teeth over time, which involves pressing on them, which can also affect your gums. Most patients describe this as discomfort as opposed to pain. You should be able to get used to it quite quickly, however. 

How Much Does Invisalign Cost on Long Island NY 11797?

The cost of Invisalign will vary from patient to patient. The reason for this is that some people need to wear them for longer periods of time. Not only that, but there may be other dental treatments involved prior to or after having Invisalign aligners. You can expect to pay anywhere between $3,500 and $8,000. Your dentist will give you a breakdown of the expected costs while explaining your treatment plan. 

Why Is Invisalign So Expensive?

In general, Invisalign is more expensive than traditional braces. The reason for this is that Invisalign is more comfortable and more effective at treating what it does. The aligners must also be manufactured in a lab using patented plastic materials. Invisalign is an advanced, state-of-the-art treatment, and the cost reflects that. 

Can You Negotiate the Price of Invisalign?

Because it is such an effective treatment and that the materials are so important, it is not really possible to negotiate the price of Invisalign. However, you can always check with your insurance provider to see if you are covered for certain aspects. You may also want to wait until we are offering specials on the treatment to get it at the best cost possible. Always remember that Invisalign, like any other cosmetic dentistry treatment, is an investment. You are investing in your self-confidence and in the look and feel of your smile and face. 

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